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The 2nd quarter of 2021 is around the corner, as an advertiser, are you planning or adjusting your marketing budget for the next quarter?  

Over the past year, the pandemic affected either consumers or businesses behavior in different ways. Among other Asia Pacific regions, Hong Kong has the highest penetration rate of “go online” (Cosmore, 2021). Knowing that consumers spend more time online & mobile, companies are more willing to create online ads to boost sales.

From our in-house tools – iMedia Insider, we have retrieved some exclusive findings & insights from our data last year to share with you. In this report, we will focus on Google & Facebook. Below data are extracted from 5,000+ active campaigns. Let’s discover what we have found from 2020! 

Accounts with conversion (2019 vs 2020)





Compared to 2019, we found that there is a scale-up in the percentage of accounts with conversion in Google & Facebook, more conversion-driven campaigns were developed. Especially Facebook, with the social media trend, companies tends to use social platforms to increase conversion. 


The total visits of Google reached 389M in December 2020 and it obtains the highest website traffic ranking in Hong Kong (Datareportal, 2021)Let’s see how our clients make use of the platform to meet their goals! 

2020 Top Picked Campaign Type
In-stream Video
2020 Best Performed Campaign Type (by objective)
2020 Best Performed Campaign Type (by objective)

From the table on the left, we found that the performance of campaign types differs from objectives. For example, it is suggested to adopt Display campaign to maximize the impression instead of Search campaign. Based on the performance, it is recommended to use Search campaign for obtaining conversion. 

On the other hand, the fact that companies nowadays tend to focus on conversion-driven campaigns, however, we found that the average impression per account has increased 21%! As consumers spent more time online, it is believed that companies are easier to gain online exposure.  In the marketing funnel, executing upper funnel advertising is crucial to acquire more customers, not only letting them aware of your brand, it also helps customers to recall your business. Therefore, it is recommenced to execute conversion-driven strategies with upper funnel strategies, like capturing awareness to expand the conversion eventually.

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Not only search engines, the use of social media platform has also been amplified over the past year as businesses increase their reliance on digital to reach and interact with their customers. 

During the pandemic, the browsing time on Facebook increased by 45% (Chastify, 2020). Since Facebook is the most popular social media platform nowadays (Statista, 2020), in order to reach more audience and drive conversion, businesses are more eager to launch ads on Facebook. Our data found that 40% more Facebook ad accounts were created in 2020, both impression & conversion also increased up to 47%! We believe these figures are still expected to grow as the usage of social networks is rapidly increasing.

Campaign Objective Distribution (2019 vs 2020)


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Due to the changes in social and economic environment, the buying process of consumers has been changed too. Organizations were more willing to create Facebook ad accounts and launch conversion-driven ads in order to generate new leads to increase sales. 

Among the above objectives, companies tended to shift from mid-funnel to lower funnel, from post engagement to conversion-driven objectives, especially for “Conversion”, its distribution increased up to 6X! It could be seen that Facebook now is not just a platform for companies to interact and engage with customers anymore, it is also an alternative online platform for businesses to drive leads & sales. It is encouraged to use Facebook to gain conversions as it could help you to transform audiences into customers! 

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