Exclusive iMedia Platform to Retrieve Actionable Insights

Data” is one of the advantages we earn from digital ads. With appropriate tools, we can retrieve actionable insights, for example, engagement of different creative, number of conversions from different campaigns and etc.

How do we better monitor the valuable data to uplift the performance of our digital campaign? In New iMedia, one of the tools we use is our self-built portal named iMedia Platform – An exclusive 24/7 online ad performance monitoring and insights platform, integrates with Google, Meta and Yahoo/Bing API and allows us to monitor ad performance with well-oriented data and metrics anytime and anywhere:

Covers major advertising platforms - Google, YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo/Bing

24/7 review latest campaign performance via the online portal (All data provide as of the previous day to ensure accuracy)

Systematically consolidated most useful data to save time on the data sorting 

Numerous data are available, including Impression, Click-through Rate, Top Keywords and Age, Gender Performance, etc.

Cross-platform Ad analysis to assist you in reviewing results of different platforms at once

Better allocate advertising budget and adjust advertising strategy

Let’s have an “online tour” on our iMedia Platform to give you more information. Use our dummy account as an example:

iMedia Platform is exclusive for our clients and totally Free! No time to do so? talk to our team to assist you with custom digital solutions from creative ideas generation to advertising and analysis!

Existing clients of New iMedia can start to use iMedia Platform by clicking HERE.