Data Narrative: Impact of Traditional and Storytelling Video for Branding

In recent years, marketers are more frequently adopted “Storytelling” in their video campaigns. No doubt that a successful storytelling video can better attract attention – Consumers are more interested in funny, entertaining, or educational content. However, is it means “Traditional Content” is not effective anymore? 

What is Traditional Video Content? 

Traditionally, marketers create video content focused on promoting the benefits of the brand and certain products/services, which are more hard-selling. For example, a skincare company may focus on the size of the company, product ingredients, discount prices, and how to buy them.

What is Storytelling Content?

Storytelling is more focused on creating an emotional connection with audiences, so as to promote products/services from a soft-selling perspective. Take skincare company as an example again, the video content may contain the brand history and caring of employer (i.e. work-life balance), and how ingredients are organic and sourced from vendors.

According to our internal study, a successful storytelling video can also increase the view rate of traditional content, speeding the brand to come into customers’ life. 

What are the Pain Points of Our Client?

Our client is a YouTuber with 25k followers, she recently established her own brand. However, facing intense competition from big market players and historical brands, her video is hard to stand out with lower budget production. Therefore, we provided the master idea for her video with a custom video ad strategy, we successfully enhanced the overall video view rate for the client – 70% higher than a larger brand.

Campaign Highlight

Launch Storytelling Video in the initial stage. Start with pain points and chit-chat style to lower audiences' defenses, hence create emotional bonding to connect with target audiences

Create a series of videos with the topic "10 common fallacies of xxx" to encourage audiences to follow and share. This also reflects the brand’s essence - a professional and trustworthy brand without selling inappropriate solutions. 

Launch brand video, introduce the pain points solving solutions and services with call-to-action content.

Through the above video content strategy and video ad, the view rate of client’s video >53% with the industry benchmark of 35%, which means clients’ videos can achieve higher returns compared with competitors under the same budget and targeting setup – every $1 budget can gain 18% more view

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