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STP Mineral Therapy is an online beauty shop offering various natural skincare products and the sole agency of Jane Iredale in Hong Kong.

Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics founded in 1994 and based in America. STP Mineral Therapy brings the products to Hong Kong, and aim at helping people build up natural, healthy and beautiful skin.


  • Increase brand awareness of Jane Iredale
  • Increase no. of Facebook fans and engagement rate


  • The video gained over 300K views and over 200 video shares within 9 days
  • After the broadcast of  Facebook Video Ad successfully increased the no. of fans by over 70%


  • The video format was selected to deliver the brand image and product features
  • The video was firmed in the form of a street interview, which attracts the audience’s view and arouses interest easily
  • Facebook Video Ad was the main channel for promotion. It could target the lookalike audience of the existing fans on Facebook Fan Page and also the specific targeted audience