kapok – Founded in 2006 by Frenchman, the brand mission is to discover & bring  the “Future Classics” to the Asia market. kapok has grown from the first lifestyle select store in HK, to an internationally renowned brand for its authentic yet approachable take on fashion and design.

Campaign Objectives

  • Cost-effectively enhance awareness for 215+ brands & 1,500+ products
  • Drive online sales while enhance corporate style

Results – SEO performance in Google HK (as of Sep, 2021)

  • 70% keywords rank in 1st page
  • ↑20% organic traffic
  • ↑34% impression

kapok Physical Stores in Hong Kong

SEO Strategy – Tackle Challenges One by One

1. Solution
Closely Work with kapok IT Team to Fix

Challenge: Slow loading speed to lose potential customers.

1. Indicate 340+ invalid page
2. Resize 520+ large image to speed up loading speed & reduce high bounce-rate
3. Found out 9K+ H1, Meta description & alt tags issues to let search engine easier to craw website

2. Solution
Suggest Competitive Keywords by Categories Instead of Brand/Product Name

Challenge: Large range of keywords options

1. Use SEO keywords with product categories (i.e. Women skirt HK, Calming candles, Women jeans HK)

3. Solution
Rewrite Website Content For Target Pages

Challenge: High domain rating (DR) & low impact on backlinks lead to difficulties in doing SEO

1. Rewrite SEO content for target page to enhance relevance between KWs & website while maintaining brand presence of lifestyle

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