iMedia Keyword Planner (Beta)

Search Ads is one of the most effective ad solutions to reach your target audiences when they searching for a keyword related to your products/services. 

iMedia Keyword Planner is a self-built free tool integrating with Google API to retrieve Google search data, helping you to brainstorm keyword ideas for your search campaign, suggesting relevant keywords with the search volume, average cost per click, and level of competition for your business.

iMedia Keyword Planner

3 Step To Retrieve Insights & Data From iMedia Keyword Planner

Enter your website URL or a keyword related to your business

Select Your Industry to explore the most relevant keywords

Get idea & insights for your search campaign

If you want to maximize the campaign performance with the most potential keywords, you should also consider the timing, budget allocation, ad extension, T&D and even the landing page before running a search ad campaign. 

New iMedia as an integrated digital marketing agency, closely worked with the major search partners and badges with “Premier Google Partner” amd “Yahoo Gold Authorized Reseller“. We can help you to utilize your ad budget to effectively promote your business with selected keywords and holistic planning, just tell us what you want & concentrate on your business development.

Learn More About the iMedia Keyword Planner

How does the iMedia Keyword Planner work?

iMedia Keyword Planner is easy to use with simple step:


  1. Enter your website URL (i.e. www.newimedia.com) or a keyword/set of keywords related to your business (i.e. shoes, cafe, etc.)
  2. Select your industry (i.e. F&B) for the most relevant search
  3. Get your suggested keyword & find insights –  you can download the full keyword report in excel format for further analysis

Where is the keywords data from?

The keywords data is directly retrieving from the Google API, so as to providing the most accurate & timely keywords lists to suggest the best keyword idea for your search campaign. 

What should I expect to get from the iMedia Keyword Planner?

iMedia Keyword Planner giving you a rough idea for your SEM campaign, incl.


  • Keywords – the keywords related to the keyword/website URL you entered.

  • Search volume in last 6 months –  the sum of approximate number of searches for this keyword and its close variants over the last 6 months in selected location. You can use this information to see how popular your keywords over time
  • Average Cost-per-click (CPC) – the average amount you might pay for a click that your ad might receive
  • Competition – the number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google. Note that this data is specific to the location and Search Network targeting that you’ve selected. In the Competition column, you can see whether the competition for a keyword is low, medium, or high

How to get insights from iMedia Keywords Planner?

There are lot of insights can be found from the iMedia Keyword Planner, i.e.


  • Set of relevant keywords searched by searchers
  • The hottest related keywords with larger search volume 
  • Most competitive keywords on the market
  • Est. cost for a single keyword
  • Most effective keywords
  • And etc.

Why I can't retrieve data from the iMedia keyword planner?

If there are no results found from iMedia Keyword Planner, it may be caused by: 


  • You have entered the wrong URL/keyword(s)
  • You have selected the wrong industry for your keyword(s) (i.e. searched keyword “digital marketing” on “beauty” industry)
  • No keyword results found from Google search results (keyword restricted by ad policy)


Contact us for a free consultation to develop your marketing plan under restriction problems. Or try SEO to improve your search results visibility without keyword restriction problems and reach sustainable long-term growth.

How to get the keywords idea for my target country?

During the beta period, we are now only providing the keywords data for Hong Kong. We’ll release the updated version with more location data, please keep in touch with us for the news update.

Want to get your keyword idea for other countries immediately? Leave us your contact & tell us about your business and targets, our ad specialists will help you to generate the overseas keywords strategy based on your enquiry for free.