Master Report: “Data Analysis + Creativity = Real Precision”

New iMedia Master Report

“How to make your ad most precise without wasting every dollar of ad spend ?” We believe it is the issue that every marketer and boss concerns about!

To give you the answer, New iMedia released the latest Master Report in Sep Marketing Magazine recently, bringing you the exclusive data, practical advertising advices and the formula for precise advertising – “Data analysis plus creativity equals real precision”: using “Data Analysis” to reach target customers accurately PLUS tailored “Creative Content” are a must to attain “Real Precision” , so as to reach and engage with target audiences, standing out among the intense competition!

Here come the highlights of the Master Report, which help you to put the above formula into practice:

1. Accurate Data Analysis – Dismantling how to use New iMedia’s exclusive self-built Smart Ad Management System – iMatrix to improve campaign performance in planning, monitoring and reporting.

  • Including leverage the massive data of over 40 industries in our exclusive Keywords Knowledge Base (>184,000 keywords & 50 billions exposures) for sophisticated data analysis, etc.

2. Creativity – Share how New iMedia’s professional teams (such as creative, production and digital marketing specialists, etc.) collaborate closely to develop creative full service digital marketing solution for clients – ranging from creative idea generation, design, production to ad launch!

3. Successful Showcase – Further analyze the formula for success through creative case “Hutchison MO SIM”

4. “iMedia Insider” Exclusive Data Sharing – Including annual ad performance review, popular industry analysis, and practical ad launch recommendations, etc.

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