Overview of Social Commerce in Hong Kong: Meta Marketing Summit 2022

Online shopping is part of consumers’ lives, which made digital ads to be more effective than ever. In view of the upcoming seasonal demands – Mega Sale is approaching, Meta connected with a variety of business leaders, marketers, advertisers, creators and Meta experts to share the latest insights and unfold the digital future in metaverse during the Meta Marketing Summit 2022.

As one of the Meta Business Partners, our experts have also attended the summit and brought back some actionable insights to share with you. In this article, we will highlight insights about social commerce to assist you in preparing for the upcoming shopping seasons.

Based on the data and survey report from Nielsen*, 76% of Hong Kong online users ages 18-54 agree social media engage them to purchase more online. From the survey, we can see the impact of social media across the customer journey – from building awareness, connecting and interacting with customers:


online users discover new products & brands from social media


online users know the brand's story from social media


online users interact with brand across social media

Already promoting your business and interacting with customers through social media? Don’t stop here, moving forward to social commerce. Maybe you will have questions about the effectiveness of social commerce in Hong Kong, actually, 72% of online users have made purchases via Meta inventory, including Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping.

Starting social commerce doesn’t mean you have to leave up your e-shop, but you can have more channels to reach customers and convert them into sales. Contact us for free consultation, we provide one-stop social media solutions including content management, social media ad and social commerce setup

What’s more? Try to adopt a higher level of creativity and innovation across social media, for example, AR and VR. Learn more from Marketing in the Metaverse: Immersive and Innovation Creative to inspire you.

* Data sources:

  • Nielsen Media Index (Jan 1 – Dec 31 each year), sample size 5,700 (HK residents ages 18-64)
  • “2022 Commerce Insight Study” by Nielsen (Meta-commissioned study)(Apr 22-May 8, 2022), sample size 1,578 (HK online users ages 18-54)