Meta x New iMedia x Digioo Seminar has been successfully held

New iMedia and Digioo together with Meta held the“Meta x New iMedia x Digioo”Seminar again at the Meta Office on April 25, with the theme of “Trends and Emerging Technologies to Stay Ahead of the Curve”. Meta Agency Partner – Greater China and CEO of New iMedia and Digioo are invited to share with guests the latest 2024 digital marketing trends, and how to use Meta full funnel advertising strategies and solutions, including WhatsApp, to reach more potential customers and achieve business goals. 

Winnie Tsui, Meta Agency Partner – Greater China, shared in the Seminar: “According to statistics, more than 60% of consumers will respond to one-on-one messages sent by brands during the holidays. Through omnichannel conversational commerce, we can make your marketing more personal and provide better user experience.”

Stella Cheung, New iMedia and Digioo CEO also said: “Searching habits of consumers are changing, with 31% of Generation Z preferring to search for relevant information on social media rather than through search engines. In addition, creative content appears more importantly, 76% of marketers believe that content marketing will bring conversions and new customers.”

New iMedia Head of Creative – Aman Fung shared effective creative advertising and content marketing strategies, including how brands can increase social media interaction with audiences through informative and educational content, and create content, video and reels that can be distributed on multiple channels to reach customers more effectively.

In addition, New iMedia Chief Business Officer – Matthew Cheung also explained through different successful cases how to better use social media, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and AI to reach more potential customers and outperform in the market.

Christy Shum, New iMedia Performance & Operations Director shared the latest Meta advertising solutions and how we can use Meta omnichannel strategy to help customers to increase website visits by more than 3X, conversions by 2X and acquire more than 90% of new customers.

Sam Cheung, New iMedia Performance & Operations Manager used Meta’s award-winning cases to show audiences how Meta omnichannel solutions can help companies effectively reach potential customers at every stage of the marketing funnel and also increase conversion and sales volume.

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