Advertising in Mobile or Desktop?

According to industry reports, the global mobile advertising market is expected to grow by 31 percent in 2017 when compare to 2016, while 71% of internet consumption will be mobile in 2017. How can advertisers develop mobile advertising and desktop advertising strategy?

New iMedia uses our knowledge base to analyze how Google search ads are performing on different devices. The result is summarized as below:

Based on the above analysis results, advertisers can formulate advertising strategies:

1. To enhance website and brand exposure: Increase the ratio of search advertising budget on mobile devices, which helps to increase website traffic and Ad click through rate.

2. To increase enquiry or transaction: As the customer journey on purchase step from the research, enquiry to transaction takes time. During the searching stage, customers usually access product information through their mobile devices. While during the enquiry and transaction stage, we found customers more preferred to make purchases on desktop devices. Thus, advertisers have to customize the Ad content, Ad online schedule and the title & descriptions etc., to increase conversion rate.

Therefore, advertisers must first understand the behavior of target customers and set clear advertising goals, and then allocate the proportion of ad budget on mobile phones and desktop devices according to the target customer’s behavior for a more effective campaign.

Mobile vs Desktop Ad