New iMedia invited to Yahoo Terrazzo Workshop

[ Better Me ]

We would like to express our gratitude to Yahoo! HK for inviting our team to participate in an event and workshop at the Yahoo Office last week!

With the increasing importance of ESG, companies and our daily lives are becoming more conscious of the materials we use and the waste we generate.

In response to this trend and to promote environmental sustainability, Yahoo! HK organized a unique Terrazzo workshop, showcasing how to create one’s own unique products using water-based resins and other eco-friendly materials, fostering creativity and cultivating good habits among colleagues.

Speaking of “Betterme” it is precisely the online magazine under Yahoo! HK’s brand, focusing on inspiring audiences to discover various small habits in life that ferment into a better self. Did you know that Yahoo! HK commands over 70% of online reach in Hong Kong? Through Yahoo! HK’s editorial-style advertising, audience awareness and brand recognition can be significantly enhanced.

Once again, we extend our thanks to Yahoo! HK for the invitation, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the workshop while gaining insights into the latest digital marketing strategies and data.

For more information about “Betterme,” visit https://www.betterme-magazine.com/?

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