New iMedia Digital Marketing Survey – Search Ad Position

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Search Ad position is the order in which your ad shows up on a search results page, more potential customers will see your ad if your ad appear higher on a page.

There are many factors to determine the ad position, do you know which of the following will not affect the search ad position?

  • Keyword bidding
  • Relevancy between keyword and content of landing page
  • Number of keywords
  • Loading speed of landing page

According to the digital marketing survey from New iMedia, only 30% of respondents know that the “number of keywords” does not affect the ad position.

55% of respondents believe that the “loading speed of landing page” will not affect the ad position. It shows that many people overlook the importance of landing page loading speed. In fact, the landing page experience is definitely an important factor in calculating the ad rank. The system reviews and evaluates advertised landing pages on a regular basis. To enhance the landing page experience, advertisers should ensure their landing page loads quickly once visitors click on their ad; also, the landing page is directly relevant to the keywords.

Besides, keyword bidding also affects your ad position, advertisers can use keyword’s “Estimated first position bid” as reference to adjust their bid.

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