Omnichat Solution: Harnessing WhatsApp Business Chat to Forge New Opportunities in Online Sales

Chat Commerce
[New] GA4 Interface (Demo Account)

In today’s digital market, many businesses aim to boost their sales and drive more traffic to their websites. To achieve this, you must seize the opportunities brought by WhatsApp Business Chat. Statistics show that WhatsApp has a penetration rate of 79% in Hong Kong, yet there is still 80% of market potential yet to be exploited by businesses. Our solution, Omnichat, is here to fill that gap.

[New] GA4 Interface (Demo Account)

An effective chat commerce strategy involves linking your Meta ad account to WhatsApp and utilizing ad clicks from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to identify potential customers at different stages.

First Stage:

Discovery. In this stage, we use advertising to find the right target potential customers. This forms the foundation of an effective sales channel and is the first step in establishing a relationship with customers.

Second Stage:

Consideration. We will attract audiences through various ad formats to encourage them to consider purchasing. These ads not only increase brand exposure but also stimulate consumer purchasing intentions.

Third Stage:

Leads. In this stage, we will use WhatsApp’s chat feature to develop potential customers. Businesses can directly converse with interested customers, understand their needs in-depth, and offer corresponding products or services.

Fourth Stage:

Reconnecting. Our focus is on re-establishing contact with existing customers and stimulating them to purchase again. This stage fully utilizes the yet-to-be-exploited opportunities, allowing Omnichat to help you unleash your sales potential through the power of WhatsApp Business Chat.

In conclusion,

the Omnichat solution leverages the power of WhatsApp Business Chat to help businesses identify and attract potential customers at various sales stages, ultimately achieving the goal of boosting sales. If you also want to secure a place in the online market, don’t miss out on the Omnichat solution.

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