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Pioneer & Onkyo Marketing Asia Ltd (Pioneer & Onkyo) mainly develops home AV, headphones, headphone-related and phone business, which target customer ranging from family user, professionals pursuing sound and quality to young consumer. Boosting brand awareness and promoting business development is the long-term goal of Pioneer & Onkyo.


The biggest challenge is how to stand out from the market, so as to enhance brand awareness and website traffic, and hence meet the target of long-term business growth.


  • Google Ad Click-through Rate (CTR)182%
  • Website Traffic⬆67%


  • Google Display Network (GDN) and Google Adwords are the main strategies for Pioneer & Onkyo to promote brand awareness and new website
  • By utilizing the targeting functions (e.g. interest, content, and topic) in GDN, potential customers can be defined easily and accurately
  • The “Search Terms Report” from Google Adwords helps finding out the hottest keywords in the relevant industry, thus enhancing the brand exposure and click through rate of the Ad
  • To stand out from the market, competitors’ brand names are added into an Ad group for grasping business opportunities and for brand building

The relationship between Onkyo and New iMedia can be treated as audio product and professional tuning service. We are high quality audio products while New iMedia is professional tuner, they possess professional knowledge and service with comprehensive understanding on market which greatly help us enhance the benefit of promotion.