The Usage of Programmatic Ad Rose Due to Its Exclusive Advantages

Recent findings and data telling us the significance and the usage of Programmatic Ads is surging, especially in these two years, after the outbreak of the pandemic. Data shows that the spending on programmatic ads is expected to grow 18% each year in the future.
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Some may consider programmatic ad is just something about automation, yet its benefits are far beyond than that. Why do we choose programmatic ad? Here are some exclusive reasons – SEA:

S – Simplicity

The purchase of programmatic ad is much simple and easier than having every single transaction with each media. By using single demand-side platform (DSP), advertiser can easily purchase ad position of numerous third-party markets such as HKTVmall & TaoBao at once. In general, we can purchase more ad position via DSPs comparing with display/ stream ads.

E – Efficiency

Different DSPs enable advertiser to utilize creativity by different unique ad formats and functions. For example, advertiser can sandwich podcast program with audio ads, choose DOOH (a form of out-of-home combining traditional & digital ad) and place ad in accordance to weather presence.

Although display ads/ stream ads has a larger range of target audience, programmatic ads can provide more options to target audience. It can make use of third-party data to position target group and to enlarge reach level, eventually help advertiser approach audience who is unreachable before.

A – Accuracy

Programmatic ads enable advertiser to implement highly customized ad strategy. Apart from basic segment variables like age, interest and action, most of the DSPs even support artificial intelligence (AI) to analysis online presence of users altogether with first to third party data. That’s how advertiser reaches audience in a more precise way.

Placing advertising in accordance to weather presence is a fun point to advertiser, as it helps advertiser promote the most suitable product by catering human needs. Let’s imagine you are a drink distributor with all kinds of drink selling.

Remarkable Data You Should’ve Known

Now you can see programmatic ad is definitely one of the hottest advertising solutions in the coming years. Want to expand your audience base cost-efficiently with programmatic ad? We, New iMedia, are working with the major ad exchanges platforms to execute effective programmatic ad. Let’s contact us to know more.


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