Did you know that Reels on Instagram have a daily viewing count of 20 billion globally?

The reason for the popularity of Reels is due to its “short” format. In this new generation, 77% of people watch Reels daily, changing the way people consume information through text and images. People prefer to quickly get the latest information and share their daily moments through short videos. Reels have become one of the most effective digital marketing tools, and a third of the content on the platform has already been converted into Reels.

The reasons why Reels are so popular are:

Simple operation and easy to use

  1. Reels are easy to use and don’t require professional video production skills. Users can easily create short videos by adding music, effects, text, and interactive elements.

Social interaction and sharing

  1. Reels have various interactive features such as comments, likes, and shares, which promote user interaction and exchange, increasing social engagement. Brands can also use Reels’ widespread nature to grab attention and spark discussions among a group, making it more effective to promote products and services.

Exposure opportunities and penetration

  1. Since its launch, Reels have quickly become one of the main features on Instagram, allowing for promotion and exposure to a large user base, making it beneficial for users’ videos to be seen by more people.

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