100+ Media Network

100+ Media Network

Over 6.79 million1 internet users surf on internet in Hong Kong. Besides the most popular search engines in Hong Kong, these users also visit a list of local sites for research, discussion and entertainment. Our media network includes websites with a wide range of categories like Forums, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel and etc.. Based on your industry’s characteristics, you can place your ads on targeted websites and relevant pages to reach your potential customers accurately and cost-effectively.

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Board Coverage

We included over 100 popular local websites in Hong Kong. We analyzed every site with the monthly impression, page views, no. of visitors, and demography. These information help you decide the placement for your ad. Our network can be divided into 8 categories which are Banking and Finance, Career and Education, Forums, IT & Digital, Lifestyle, News & Portals, Parenting and Travel.

Brand Awareness

Our Media Network can help you to boost brand awareness in over 100 popular local websites in Hong Kong. Your brand and product message can be exposed to the potential customers who are not familiar with your brand or the supporters of your competitors at the right place.

Drive Website Traffic

You can reach the potential customers by targeting the sites which related to your products, target audiences, interests, etc., in order to increase your website traffic and brand awareness.


1Source: We Are Social and Hootsuite, 2020