Yahoo HK Banner Ad

Yahoo HK Banner Ad

Yahoo Gold

New iMedia is the GOLD reseller of Yahoo! HK starting from 2006.

Yahoo Hong Kong is a website, which providing search engine, news, mail and auction, etc., research shows that each users spend 87 minutes¹ at Yahoo Hong Kong. With the large number of visitors, Yahoo Hong Kong reserved eye-catching space for its display ad – Banner Ad, you can grab the potential customers’ attention from these millions users through Yahoo Hong Kong Banner Ad.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Your ad can be appeared at different locations of Yahoo’s properties and apps through Yahoo HK Banner, it allows visitors to know your brand name and promotional message without searching your brand name.

Right Audience

You can choose to deliver your ad in specific topic of content page, which allows you to target your audience and maximize the exposure. Your ad can be also delivered based on location, age, gender, browsing behavior, income level, interests, and language; preventing to waste the advertising budget.

Creative Ad Content

A creative ad can attract the visitors from the content they are going to read. Your ad can be eye-catching and memorable by adding rich media such as pop up ad, animations, slideshows or video. These creative and interactive formats can increase the probability of the visitors clicking on your ads.


1Source: Statista, 2019