Yahoo Stream Ad

Yahoo Stream Ad

Yahoo Gold

New iMedia is the GOLD reseller of Yahoo! HK starting from 2006. Research shows that each users spend 87 minutes¹ at Yahoo Hong Kong including News, Mail, Search Engine, and Auction in average. With its popularity in Hong Kong, Yahoo launches Stream Ad for advertisers to reach their target market with higher chance. Stream Ad is in a native advertising format which is placed alongside with the editorial content in Yahoo Hong Kong and affiliate sites. Survey proved that Stream Ad has 60%2 higher engagement levels than traditional display ad. Stream Ad cannot be missed out in your marketing campaign in order to reach more local customers.

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Seamless Engagement

Stream Ads offer advertisers a way to reach out to their audience without being overbearing. It follows the similar format as other content on the site where the ad is placed in, which bridges the gap between content and advertising. This can drive 3 more time and attention than other ad formats. Besides, Stream Ad has 60%2 higher engagement levels than traditional display ad. 

Click to Call Feature

In response to the mobile marketing trends, Yahoo Stream Ads offer mobile advertising landing page with “Call to Action” buttons , including Email, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line Messenger, Phone, Whatsapp and YouTube, which can help to improve customers’ engagement. It is a cost-effective advertising format as all the clicks on the mobile advertising landing page are free. Clients can also install DOT tracking code on designated pages to monitor the buying behaviour and preferences of potential customers, which can apply to future advertising campaigns as well.

Multiple Targeting

Yahoo Stream Ads can serve across consumers’ mobile, tablets and desktops. It also allows precise targeting options (audience demographics, interests, location and the category of user’s business) to ensure that advertisers’ ads reach the right target audience. You can target your past website visitors by remarketing to encourage and bring them to you website again. These visitors have already shown an interest in your products or services, which with higher chance to make a purchase when they revisit your site. You can also re-target the users who have only viewed but didn’t click the ad by using impression tracking dot to increase brand awareness.


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2Source: Storygize, 2018

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