China Display Network

China Display Network

Getting your banner ads on relevant sites and platforms can significantly enhance your Chinese brand image. Using China Display Network, your ads can be placed in wide variety of Chinese digital media from popular portals and networks to specialized and niche sites that would attract the most qualified traffic.

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The number of Chinese video users are constantly increasing year after year, this number is also due to the booming of smartphone users.
In order to taps into the live-streaming platform users in China, OTV is an online video ad solution for advertisers, which covers the top video publishers in China, such as Youku, QIY and Letv, etc. Advertisers can place pre-roll video Ad to capture the viewers’ attention.

Display Network

The landscape of Chinese social media nowadays moves fast, most  of the Chinese internet users have a social media account and spend their time on social network. Through popular social networks in China including Wechat, QQ and Qzone, your message will be effectively delivered to your target audiences.