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With the advanced technology and the “New Normal” triggered by COVID-19, E-commerce has become an essential tool to sustain businesses these days. According to Statista, the market volume and user penetration of Hong Kong e-commerce are expected to be more than US$9 billion and over 80% by 20241! With e-commerce, you can overcome geographical and time limitation, making purchase easier across the world while saving business cost. Together with digital advertising, solid data record and effective digital tools like Google Analytics, we can help you analyze your consumers’ buying behaviors & profile and thus reaching your potential clients effectively with precise targeting & re-marketing, which is difficult to be achieved with traditional commerce.


Benefits of E-commerce

  • Adapt to the “New Normal”- Shop Online to Sustain Your Business!
  • Penetrate into more markets across the globe with minimized business cost so as to maximize your revenue
  • Enable you to analyze your consumers’ buying habits with detailed data record, helping you to derive insight for improving your products or services
  • Drive potential customers to your e-shop effectively by precise digital marketing solutions & effective tools like Google Analytics


Why Choose New iMedia

  • Our one-stop e-commerce solutions help you develop your own online shops, ranging from e-shop setup, design to cross-border logistic services.
  • With our 12+ years of digital marketing expertise, you can promote your e-shop precisely with solutions like shopping ad, which can direct visitors to your product page directly and drive instant purchase, assisting you to grab the business opportunities in the new era.


Other Solutions – Chatbot

  • Chatbot Setup
  • Chatbot Maintenance and Reporting


1Source: statista.com, 2019


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