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Mobile Ad

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Google Adwords Mobile Ad

Google Adwords provides mobile version with various targeting and bidding strategy to reach your specific audience, together with call extension which can encourage searchers to contact you directly.
For more details, please go to Google Adwords.

Yahoo Bing Mobile Ad

70% consumers make phone call, store visit or purchase within five hours1 of mobile search through Yahoo. You can include a call extension in Yahoo Bing Mobile Ad to persuade searchers to contact you immediately. With Yahoo Bing Mobile Ad, you can expand your reach to millions of these customers and get instant enquiries.
For more details, please go to Yahoo! Bing Ads.

Yahoo HK Banner Ad

Millions of banner ad impressions are available on mobile every day. In order to provide better ad experience to your potential customers, Yahoo developed various ad formats especially for mobile banner Ad.
For more details, please go to Yahoo! HK Banner.

Facebook Ad

Facebook has almost 5.5 million2 monthly active mobile users in Hong Kong. Facebook advertising allows you to target users everywhere on their mobile device. The mobile ad in Facebook is just same as the desktop version that you can reach people based on location, age, gender, interests.
For more details, please go to Facebook Ad.

Instagram Ad

Instagram has 2.1 million Hong Kong active users, which is the top 33 social media app in Hong Kong. 75%3 of Instagram users will take action after looking at an Instagram advertising post. Multiple advertising formats on Instagram can help you to raise brand awareness and get potential customers.
For more details, please go to Instagram Ad.

YouTube Ad

Over 80%4 users watch video on mobile in Hong Kong. More than 50%4 of YouTube views come from mobile devices and viewers spent 40 minutes4 in average on YouTube per mobile session. YouTube provides a variety of ad formats with different targeting in a cost-effective way.
For more details, please go to YouTube Ad.

100+ Media Network

We pinpointed a list of qualified local sites with 8 categories, and you can target specific sites or audiences based on traffic, impressions and demography of the sites.
For more details, please go to 100+ Media Network.


Message service marketing is a low-cost, high-return marketing tool that uses text/image message to convey content or offer to customers. It creates an effective platform for communicating with mobile customers. This would definitely the easiest way to reach your customers.

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