Google Ads

Google Ads


New iMedia is the PREMIER Google partner. We collaborate with Google closely in delivering the latest products & quality campaigns for customers.

Google is the world’s most visited website with over 3.5 billion1 searches per day. In these numerous searches, you can grab potential customers to know your brand and visit your website with lower marketing costs by Google Ads.

Google Ads, a popular Search Engine Marketing Services, helps you to reach your target customers via mobile, tablet and desktop. With its flexible management and measurable result, your campaign will be monitored day-to-day and hence to keep the top position in Google for maximum exposure.

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Lower Marketing Costs

Google Ads is a comparatively cost-effective channel, compared with the traditional media channels. Advertisers pay only when customers click on the search ad, the impressions (i.e. exposure) generated are free. You can reach your pre-specified targets and adjust your budget flexibly during seasons and your promotion time. Also, bid adjustments allow you to show your ads more or less frequently based on where, when, and how people search.

Drive Website Traffic

When you target the keywords related to your products, your exposure is maximized in front of the potential customers who actively search those keywords. Quality ad content and title description also help to increase the intention of the target audience to visit your website. The higher your product or service ranks in Yahoo, the more likely consumers will visit your website and prefer your brand. And finally your website traffic will be increased significantly.

Multiple Targeting

Google Ads offers lots of ad targeting options to cater for different marketing campaign goals. In order to show your ads to the people who are interested in your products and services, targeting allows you to reach people with specific interests; you can also target the audiences by choosing appreciate keywords, demographics, scheduling and devices. Besides, you are also able to set bid adjustments for one or all device types among mobile, tablet & desktop to target your highly relevant customers.

Enhanced Ad Extension

Google Ads offer lots of extension features to enhance your ad visibility and to help you connect with potential customers and bring them to your website. You can make use of the extension like callout, sitelinks, location, etc. and the ad extension will be displayed by carousel card format to show more extensions in mobile and tablet, which can help visitors to get the exact information they are looking for and better understanding of your brand.


1Source: Search Engine Journal, 2019