Content Management

Content Management

There are lots of active users in social media sites; however, huge amount of information competing for their attention. Our content management services include strategy consulting, feed content development, fans enquiry handling, contest, competitive analysis and reporting, striving for interactive engagement and awareness from potential customers and followers on social media, help you to grow your brand awareness.

Reach Targeted Audience

Social media content management can help you to reach your followers who are interested in your business, driving higher engagement between brands and followers. Post content should be updated on Social media regularly as the message will be showed on the newsfeeds of your followers, help you to generate more engagement through like, comment and share, which could also reach the friends of followers and help you to gain more new followers. You can even reach more target audiences through advertising to raise your fan page’s awareness.

Build Brand Image And Loyalty

Social Media fan page allows companies to interact with followers directly, which help building brand image and loyalty. Recently, consumers used to do research before shopping, and they are more likely to choose a company with online presence and good impression. Making your targeted audience to revisit your social media fan page is a big challenge of social media marketing; we will help you to provide valuable and entertaining content to draw attentions of your followers.

Improve Search Result Ranking

Social Media content can be affected the search engine results for your brand. Using informative posts to provide the information completely and sitelinks of your website, it can improve the rankings of your search engine result.

Reference Case 1

imedia social media marketing reference case 1

Reference Case 2

imedia social media marketing reference case 2