Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad

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Facebook is the largest online social platform in the world, its monthly active users reached 4.5 billion1 in the world and Hong Kong was forcasted to has more than 4.7 million1 users in 2023.

Facebook allows advertisers to reach potential customers with specific interests and demographics by texts, graphics, or photos based on specific objectives. We help you to plan and develop cost-effective Facebook ad and promotion campaigns to increase page engagement and drive sales leads.

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Bigger Reach

Facebook had 4.5 billion monthly active users in the world, with the huge and vastly growing number of Facebook users, placing Facebook ads can help you to have bigger reach on target audience and increase your sales.


Improve Brand Awareness

Facebook users check their newsfeed multiple times per day, you can reach your target audience several times by using Facebook Ad, helps audience to get impression on your brand even not interested in clicking your ad and create opportunities for retargeting in the future.
Placing Facebook ad with quality content and right targeting can also draw more followers to your fan page.


Multiple Targeting

Facebook provides lots of targeting options like demographics, location, interests and behaviors, to help you reach your potential audience. Facebook also allows you to set the advertising objectives, e.g. brand awareness, traffic and conversions, to help you optimizing the Ad performance.


1Source: Statista, 2020