Instagram Ad

Instagram Ad

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Instagram is one of the hottest mobile apps and fastest growing social networks. In Hong Kong there are 2.3 million users¹, covering 35%¹ populations in Hong Kong (aged 13+). 

By using the powerful Facebook advertising platform, Instagram allows advertisers to target and engage with right customers precisely with multiple ad formats.

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Bigger Reach

Instagram had lot of monthly active users in the world, with the huge and vastly growing number of Instragram users, placing Instragram ads can help you to have bigger reach on target audience and increase your sales.

Improve Brand Awareness

Instagram is a visual inspiration platform and the best way to inspire others through the power of visual storytelling, placing Instagram ad mean to share your story among a highly engaged audience, and it can grab people’s attention and drive awareness.

Multiple Targeting

Instagram offers the same targeting options as Facebook since its Ad is launched through Facebook Ad platform.
You can select from lots of targeting options like demographics, location, interests and behaviors, to help you reach your potential audience. Facebook also allows you to set the advertising objectives, e.g. brand awareness, traffic and conversions, to help you optimizing the Ad performance.


1Source: We Are Social & Hootsuite, 2020