Social Media Game

Social Media Game

Our Social Media Promotional Campaign and Production service allows you to create customized and innovative promotional campaigns and applications on your social media platform, including Facebook, Sina Weibo and WeChat. Through well-designed campaigns and applications, you can maximize the sharing and engagement with your fans and even with different audiences to create a word-of-mouth effect.


Enhance Interactive Engagement

Customized and innovative social media promotional campaign provide a channel for customers to interact with your brand, customers can easily engage with you and share your information with their friends at a click of a button in your promotional campaign. Through the well-designed campaign, it can drive offline engagement and enhance brand engagement and recognition.

Increase Brand Recognition

Promotional campaign is an effective way to reach your potential customer from unawareness of your product or service to top awareness.
Interacting with your customers will increase your brand recognition and business’ visibility, helps you to generate a wide audience for your business as well.

Reference case 1 – AR Design x IG filter 
Reference Case 2 – Wall Game
imedia facebook content reference case 2