YouTube Ad

YouTube Ad

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New iMedia is the PREMIER Google partner. We collaborate with Google closely in delivering the latest products and quality campaigns for customers.

YouTube is the world’s largest video site as well as the No. 2 search engine with billions of users, 1.9 billions¹ of them visit YouTube each month. YouTube can be a great and accessible platform where you can effectively raise brand awareness and cultivate authentic relationships with customers.

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Bigger Reach

YouTube is available in 70+ countries and 60+ languages, offering rich content over the world.
With the huge and vastly growing number of YouTube users, placing YouTube video ads can help you to have bigger reach on target audience and increase your sales.

Multiple Targeting

YouTube provides lots of targeting options like demographic groups, topics, placements and remarketing lists, you can reach your specific audiences based on their interest and viewing behavior.

Video Tells Your Story

Both shooting and animated videos are effective to present your products by visual, audio & be emotion driven.


¹Source: YouTube, 2019