Ads Design

Ads Design

Our creative experts design display ads with various concepts and ideas to enhance interaction between you and your target customers, attracting more customers to browse your advertisement.



HTML 5 is an interactive and entertaining type of banner ad. It works seamlessly on any browser and device, which is a perfect flash banner alternative. Since the animations and transitions are much smoother and visually pleasing, it is also a better choice for both animated ads and GIF banners.

Carousel Gallery (300px X 250px)

imedia website carousel

Gallery Navigation (300px X 250px)  

imedia gallery navigation

Swipeable Gallery (970px X 250px)

imedia website swipe-able gallery

3D Transformation (160px X 600px)

imedia website 3D Transformation (160px X 600px)


















Tap Area(160px X 600px)

imedia website Tap Area (160px X 600px)

360 Gallery (300px X 600px)

imedia website 360 Gallery (300px X 600px)

Animated GIF

Animated GIF banner is similar to static banners with changing slides and therefore more eye-catching. More slides can be added to increase the space for your message and room for multiple images

1. 970px X 250px

2. 728px X 90px

3. 300px X 250px

4. 160px X 600px


Static Banner is the most common used banner type for advertising and it should be a good fit for any display campaign.

Reference case 1

imedia website Reference case 1

Reference Case 2

imedia website Reference case 2

Special Interactive Design – AR/ VR/ 360 ° Design

AR/ VR/ 360 ° Design provides extraordinary viewing & interactive experiences with new technology, you can interact with audiences and bring them excitement while promoting your products / services, creating emotional bonding and unforgettable moments with your customers.

Reference case 1 – AR Design


Reference case 2 – 360 ° Design (Splash Ad)