China Digital Marketing

Baidu.Sina Weibo.Qihoo 360.Tencent.And More…

Baidu.Sina Weibo.Qihoo 360
Tencent.And More…

China Digital Marketing_中國網上推廣

China is a big potential market that creates ample opportunities for companies looking to overseas expansion. As one of the global leaders of digitization, there are around 900 million active Internet users, which makes digital ads one of the easiest ways for market entry.  

China market is dynamic and unique, popular platforms like Google & YouTube are inaccessible and replaced by local products (Baidu, Weibo, and etc.), that’s why you need a professional agency and local team to develop the China Marketing Strategy.

  • Expand your business: Reach millions of potential customers online as a pilot market entry to learn the China customer behavior, and further expands your business to offline

  • Cost-effective: China has a vast territory with billions of population, thus traditional mass marketing (including print ads and out-out home ads) is relatively expensive. Through online ads, we can control the spending by bidding model, targeting, and media selection to balance the cost

  • Multiple Targeting: With a wide range of ad products and sophisticated targeting options, you can narrow the target groups by demographic, salary, social relationship and etc. to reach the right people for effective marketing

If you are exploring the China market, our team is working with major local partners to provide multiple solutions, develop effective China marketing campaigns with localized strategies and penetrative content that cater to local consumer preferences.

Weimob (WeChat Mini Program)

Weimob was founded and listed in Hong Kong in 2013, developed WeChat Mini Program to help companies seize Mainland market easily. In Hong Kong, there have been 300+ companies successfully developed cross-border business with WeChat Mini Program ‘WeChat Mall’. We are Weimob official authorized service provider, find out more: weimob-hk.com

  • WeChat Mall (微商城): WeChat Mall is a WeChat Mini Program solution provided by Weimob, functioning as a cross-border e-commerce platform. It provides a convenient platform to companies – NO IT knowledge is required, companies can easily build and customize everything by their own.


  • Weizhan (微站): Weizhan provides a convenient platform to service providers to engage with target audience, functioning as a mini promotional website. Numerous service industries already promoted their business through Weizhan, such as education, property, consultation, hospitality, design and photography.


Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine recorded 74%+ of the market share, provides multiple digital solutions and comprehensive audience segments delivered by 2 million+ users behaviors to precisely captures the target customers. For example: 

Baidu Logo
  • Search Ads: Contain text, visual and advanced features (online form, phone extension, etc), search ads will be shown at prominent positions in the search results when people are looking for your product and service
  • Baidu Brand Zone: Helping you to reach a vast number of audiences to maximize exposure and improve the brand presence, offer eye-catchy positions in search result page to display brand information by text, links, images and videos
  • In-feed Ad: Effective native ad formats to expose your brand, generates billion of daily impressions in Baidu platforms

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo (Weibo) is the largest micro-blogging social media platform for the Chinese community, recorded 520 million+ monthly active users.

Sina Logo

Weibo is a flexible marketing channel allows you to create brand pages, launch ad with multiple creative ad formats (e.g. video and Jiugongge) and targeting options ranging from social relationship to user attributes (e.g. age, interests, devices, display platforms, a specific user etc.). Popular solutions including:

  • Fan Tunnels (粉絲通) & Fan Headlines (粉絲頭條):  Ads can appear on the top of users’ news feed to promote post or brand account effectively. Fan Tunnels mainly focus on helping a new brand to recruit new followers while Fan Headline reaches existing followers and their friends for brand recall
  • Search Ad: The advanced built-in search function in Weibo allows users to search accounts, fan pages, and posts, provide effective ad placement and precise targeting options. Once target customers searching for specific keywords, your ad will be displayed on the top of the search results to enhance reputation and visibility
  • Display Ad: Ads can be displayed on featured accounts directly, including official verified fan pages. To place ads on a larger brand’s page with a “V-verified account” stamp (official verification) can ensure your ad to reach a wider range of audiences, thus thus successfully increase the brand viewability

Qihoo 360

Qihoo 360 is the largest cybersecurity company in China, providing comprehensive Internet and mobile security products and service, with the large coverage, precise targeting and safety guaranteed, Qihoo 360 helps you reach a vast number of Chinese customers across search, display network and app to tap into China market.

Qs360 Logo
  • 360 Search: 2nd largest search engine in China, offering multiple targeting options and special ad formats, such as Brand Express and Competitors Express trigger by brand terms/competitor brand term
  • 360 Display Network: Extend the reach and get exposure of your brand with logos, colors and image

Other than 360 products, Qihoo also offer ad services in serval popular platforms in China:


Tencent is a leading China Internet service provider offering social platforms and digital services for communication, information, entertainment and financial need. With Tencent ads, you can reach and connect with billions of target audiences across multiple Tencent products (Tencent video, news, Wechat, and etc.). 

Tencent Logo
  • WeChat: One of the world’s largest instant messaging apps with 1 billion+ monthly active users. You can create WeChat official account (Equivalent to a Facebook page) to generate brand awareness by providing company and brand information, it also a communication channel that helps to gather followers with push notifications features. Other than the official account, ad services are available – WeChat Moments Ads, Banner Ads and Mini Program Ads
  • QQ: Most popular messaging app in China, 70% of users are generation Z, support native ads formals like News feed Ads and Whether Ads those are applicable to drive mobile app download, purchase, or other business objectives via mobile devices

Other Solutions

Other than the above solutions, still other channels to reach China customers, such as:

  • Dianping (大眾點評): Online platform that provides catering, shopping, leisure and life services merchant information and discount offer to users via website and mobile app

  • Douyin (抖音): Popular video platform in China, content covers game, lifestyle, beauty and etc. In 2020, there are 600 million+ daily active users and estimated that the number of users will keep rising
  • Xiaohongshu (小紅書): Social media platform with billion users, 70% users are 90s, allow people to publish and share their daily life from shopping experiences to lifestyle

  • And More…

China Digital Marketing Services

  • Identify highly potential target customers and competitor research in China
  • Select the appropriate platforms with budget allocation
  • Create holistic campaign structure, keywords, bid price, ad copy, ad extensions, remarketing and optimization
  • Innovative creative and production services
  • Ad tracking with regular analysis report sending to your email or access via our iMedia Platform 
  • Negative keywords excluding low-performance search term
  • Value-added services (including tracking tools installation, alert report)