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With advanced technology and ever-changing customer behaviour, E-commerce has become an essential tool to sustain businesses by enabling 24/7 showcase products and services information online.

In Hong Kong, the number of e-shoppers is expected to increase by 18% while the spending reaches USD2.7 billion in 2024. It is strongly recommended to start e-business.

Expand Market Reach:

Cost-effectively increase your reach online by digital ad campaign and converts to instant purchase, assist you to penetrate into global markets

Omni-channel Strategy:

Incorporating with the online and offline sales channel for constant and seamless shopping experiences to provide better customer experiences and enhance sales – 73% of consumers make purchases in multiple channels

Data and Insights

Valuable Data and Insights:

E-shop usually supports online tracking tools like Google Analytics (GA) and grants full data access right (e.g. sales and traffic), those data can be derived into valuable insights, helping you to understand consumer behavior and develop precise targeting and remarketing campaigns


Chat Commerce Strategy:

Chat commerce exclusively engages in transactions within the world’s most popular messaging and chat apps, which are globally utilized and currently generate billions in annual commercial revenue.

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New iMedia has 16 years of digital marketing experience in Hong Kong. It is the only company in Hong Kong that has been recognized as a Google, Meta Business Partner, and Yahoo Hong Kong Gold Authorized Dealer at the same time. In addition, we are strategic partners with Tencent, Meituan, and Xiaohongshu. We possess the latest technology and knowledge. Our in-house creative team and advertising expert team will provide comprehensive advertising creativity and strategies to achieve your business goals. New iMedia’s one-stop service includes creative and copywriting development, advertising goal and audience strategy formulation, advertising optimization and analysis, etc., to help you effectively reach your audience for business returns. Moreover, our self-built iMedia Platform provides 24/7 ad campaign reports and insights, allowing you to check your ad performance anytime, anywhere. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Let’s develop your online store by the most popular website builder – WordPress to enjoy higher flexibility, start data-driven marketing and expand your business to the globe! 

WordPress E-shop

WordPress is the most popular open-source website builder with 60% global CMS (Customer Management System) market share, which offers 100% ownership that offers you a high flexibility to custom website layout and update your content with easy to use visual editor (WYSIWYG) tool – almost no technical knowledge required, update and publish content with just a few clicks.


WordPress offers several convincing plugin and ad tracking tools installation, helping you to optimize digital campaigns in data-driven approach. For example, enhance customer retention by deliver dynamic ad content to pervious website shopper.

What’s more? WordPress is SEO friendly, you can enhance website ranking in search engines for free exposure and improve customer confidence. Let’s know more about how SEO work.

  • WordPress E-shop Template 1 (Beauty)
  • WordPress E-shop Template 2 (Retail)

Facebook Shop & Instagram Shopping

Other than social media platform, Facebook also provide a place for e-commerce – Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping, use for display and sell products to billions of Facebook and Instagram users. (Learn more about the reach of Facebook and Instagram here)

With Facebook Shop, you can showcase the product with product shot and price to inspire audiences to buy or share, further provide more information via Messenger and WhatsApp. Or you can launch Shopping Ads with eye-catching product tag, so as to provide basic information before people click the ad.

  • Facebook Shop

Chat Commerce

Chat Commerce allows businesses to interact with customers through their preferred messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Line, WeChat.
Businesses can communicate instantly with customers in chat apps, equipping with automated chat flows, products catalog, marketing campaigns, promotion coupons etc. This is an effective way to collect first party data to businesses’ CRM, enhancing broadcasting.

– Instant engagement with customer on chat apps.
– Provide total solution of chat commerce covering multiple platforms – WhatsApp, Messenger, Direct, WeChat, Line etc.
– Effective marketing solution from Paid Ads to CRM.

E-commerce Services

  • WordPress e-shop development from design, production to technical support
  • E-shop advanced features installation, including membership features, Chatbot and etc
  • Facebook shop creation with fanpage and Instagram linkup 
  • SEO services and holistic SEM campaign to enhance website traffic and boost sales
  • Value-Added Services (Google My Business installation, Search Engine submission, website tracking tools installation)
  • Chat Commerce set up


How to enhance the effectiveness of e-commerce with digital ad?

With the collected data from website, we can use user data for “remarketing”, boost ad to targeting audiences, including: 

1. Reach Potential Clients with Outstanding Closing

2. Revert the potentials customers who forget your site

3. Sell more to existing customers

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