Programmatic Ad & Ad Network

Programmtica Ad & Ad Network_程序化廣告及廣告網絡

Programmatic Ad and Ad Network covers thousands of ad placements from websites, apps, social platforms to forums, allows you to put your message in front of potential customers before they know or are interested in your services/products, the message can be presented by several rich media formats, such as GIF, cinemagraph and HTML 5. 

  • Higher Click-through Rate (CTR): Interactive ads with visual and motions (e.g. graphics, gif, etc.) can generate more view and click compared with text ads, thus it help to increase conversion

  • Cost-effective Mass Marketing: You can select Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost per Impression (CPM) to optimize your budget for the broad coverage, which is especially beneficial for branding and awareness campaigns

  • Multiple Targeting: You can adopt sophisticated targeting like demographics, interest, contextual and placement to look for the right customer segments from thousands of sites. You can also reach high purchase intent customers by remarketing – ad deliver to previous website visitors or people interacted with your brand, boost dynamic ad to increase customer retention and for brand recall

We worked with numerous programmatic ad platforms, Google Display Network (GDN), Yahoo Ad Network and 100+ media to reach a larger scale of target audience as possible.   

No idea on how to impress the audience? We provide fascinating creative design and production to enhance user experiences (UX), so as to attract customers to your business. 

Google Display Network (GDN)

GDN is one of the best ad display network to increase awareness and exposures, covers 2 million renowned websites and 650,000+ apps, you can placing ads to reach 90% of Internet users in 200+ countries – even they never searched for your service or product before. It is a good way to recruit new leads with multiple targeting, remarketing and ever-progressing automation.

We have been the Premier Google Partner for 6+ years and won few regional Google awards, our ad specialists can help you to get more conversions by developing effective ad campaigns to find out high-performing audiences and making the best use of your ad budget with Google Machine Learning.

Case Study

With our strategic ad planning by phases & precise data analysis, we have enhanced the brand awareness and app installation for House 730 by data-driven advertising solutions & smart ad tools:

Yahoo/Bing Ad Network (Stream Ad & Banner Ad)

Yahoo is another popular ad network, you can reach niche and specified group with multiple targeting options, such as audience demographics, interests and remarketing through yahoo network – 63 million of Bing users worldwide aren’t using Google.

Yahoo Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Stream Ad (YSA): Native and natural-looking ad format, placed ad like an article alongside the editorial content to reach audiences in Yahoo Hong Kong and affiliate sites, which drives 3X attention than other ad formats and 60% higher engagement levels than traditional display ads
  • Yahoo Banner Ad: Reserved eye-catching space for maximizing exposure and show the ad on different Yahoo’s properties – you can choose to place ads on the specific topic of content pages, helps audiences to discover the brand and promotional message without searching any keywords. Other than static images, it also allows rich media formats, such as pop-up ad, animations, slideshows and video ads
Case Study
Covermark Logo

In order to introduce new product and e-shop to the public, we fully utilized the Native Ad features with precise targeting and smart budget allocation to boost conversion.

Programmatic Ad

程序化廣告是透過電腦程序集結多方大數據及人工智能(Artificial Intelligence,AI)進行精準行銷,向目標受眾提供高度個人化的廣告。我們可通過需求方平台(Demand-Side Platform,DSP)購買廣告版位,取代與多個網站媒體逐一直接交易的過程,提高效率。

此外,程序化廣告提供更多元化的廣告版位及格式,例如佔據手機全螢幕的Mobile Interstitial Ads、音樂應用程式內的音頻廣告(Audio Ads),吸睛的Mobile Interscroller以及客製化的原生影片廣告(Native Video Ad )和Flipbook等,有效地從多方面打動目標受眾。大多數DSP可利用第一至第三方數據對用戶的搜尋和購買行為作出分析,並提供精準定位選項,有助接觸之前無法觸及的受眾,有效擴大客戶群。

我們與市場上主要的廣告交易平台合作,助您向世界各地投放廣告(包括展示廣告、影片、移動應用、社交媒體、音頻及戶外數碼廣告(Digital Out of Home,DOOH),例如:



Programmatic Ad & Ad Network Services

  • Social media account creation, review and competitor research
  • Innovative creative and production
  • Social media game design and execution
  • Promotion campaign from planning, scheduling to execution with ad services
  • Regular performance report & professional evaluation


What are the differenes between Google Display & Video 360(DV360) and Display Network (GDN)?

DV360 refers to a DSP for programmatic buy, the major differences listed below:

1. Reach90%+ Websites70%+ Websites
2. Ad Data
  • First party data
  • Google data
  • Third party data
  • First party data
  • Google data
3. Ad Formats
  • Rich Media
  • HTML5
  • Native Ad
  • Audio Ad
  • and etc.
  • Ad Templates
  • HTML5

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