Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is SEM?

Did you know that organic search only accounts for 23% of all website traffic? To expand your business, it’s crucial that your website and promotions are highly visible at the exact moment customers are searching for them. Search Ads are among the most effective solutions to enhance website visibility at no cost and to drive traffic from the top of search results in a very short time. Additionally, Search Ads can help you precisely target your audience, ensuring that every dollar spent is directed to the right place.

Increase Exposure:

Display your Hong Kong search ads above millions of organic search results while customers search for product- or solution-related keywords. With advanced ad extensions, including callouts, site links, and location, your search ad can be more appealing and engaging than those of competitors in Hong Kong.


Flexible budget allocation across different times and devices, providing free exposure through the Cost-per-click (CPC) model.

Multiple Targeting:

To ensure your search ads precisely reach the right customers, you can select and narrow your targets using various targeting options, including demographic targeting and remarketing.

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Our team has 16+ years of digital marketing experience in Hong Kong and is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge, providing search marketing solutions including Search Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We utilize industry-recognized and proprietary tools as we integrate our “iMedia platform” with Google and Bing’s APIs to transform data into valuable market insights, and ultimately into actions – we take care of your whole campaign and help to maximize campaign performance in one-go!

SEM Award-winning Case

To promote the new membership program, we launched 「Club BG」 Launch & Giveaway Campaign 2021 for Blue Girl Beer. The outstanding performance has been recognized by a significant marketing award – MARKies Awards 2022. 

5X Conversion Rate vs Market Benchmark

-30% CPA than KPI

Google Ads

Google is the most visited website holding 90%+ search engine market share worldwide. You can promote your products through the Google SEM service in Hong Kong to 200+ countries in 40+ languages.

Google Ads operates on the Pay-per-click (PPC) model, which shows your search ads to target audiences based on your selected keywords, target, and bid price, you only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means you can earn free exposure from Google Ads.

Google Ads
  • Google Search Ads: Show your ads to numerous searchers via mobile, tablet, and desktop, effectively grow your business from enhancing brand awareness to driving action. With its flexible management and measurable result, your campaign will be monitored day-to-day and thus keep the top position on Google for maximum exposure
  • Google Shopping Ads: Showcase products with photos, descriptions, and prices when customers are searching for them. Integrated with your merchant center and drive sales instantly

As a Premier Google Partner, we work closely with Google expertise in delivering the latest products and quality campaigns for customers. We are proud to have garnered a number of Google digital marketing awards.

Yahoo/Bing Ads

Yahoo/Bing Ad helps you reach a large number of unique searchers on Yahoo! HK. On average, each user spends 87 minutes at Yahoo! HK, on platforms including News, Mail, Search Engine, and Auction.

New iMedia has been a GOLD reseller of Yahoo! HK since 2006. You can count on us to help you reach 63 million users worldwide who aren’t using Bing or Google!


Our SEM Service

  • Identify highly potential target customers
  • Select the appropriate platforms with budget allocation
  • Create holistic campaign structure, keywords, bid price, ad copy, ad extensions, remarketing and optimization
  • Ad tracking with regular analysis report sending to your email or access via our iMedia Platform 
  • Exclude low-performance keywords
  • Value-added services (including tracking tools installation and alert report)


Whether I should start SEM?

SEM Hong Kong uses search ads to enhance the visibility of your business’s products or services on search engines. When a user types in a certain keyword, such as “Hong Kong SEM”, it enables your business to appear as a result of that “Hong Kong SEM” search query. If your business relies on website traffic to drive leads and sales, you will definitely benefit from running SEM service in Hong Kong as it helps maintain your online presence.

How do I get started with SEM?

Now that you have understood the importance of doing SEM in Hong Kong, the next question is “How?”.

Doing SEM can be simple or difficult. It depends on your desired outcome. Place an ad online by opening an ad account, giving payment, and doing ad setting. Very simple, right? But you may wonder why there is not much growth in lead and sales even the ads have been running for a long time.

Actually, search ads can effectively bring about high traffic and increased lead and sales for your business in Hong Kong, but it takes technical knowledge and experience to do it properly. The SEM service provided by a trusted SEM agency in Hong Kong will save you time and money learning SEM knowledge in order to enhance ad performance and monitor your ad account. You can count on the SEM expert to review every area of your account, from keyword to landing page and copy.

How to choose a good SEM Agency?

A good agency providing SEM service in Hong Kong not only has many years of experience specializing in Hong Kong SEM but also with distinct recognition as well as good service level. With expertise and fruitful experience in SEM Hong Kong, they can provide you an expectation on how the ads may perform, and a better practical implementation and optimization. Industry recognition will give you confidence as it shows you some indication of how the SEM agency is performing. Doing SEM in Hong Kong requires consistent observation and optimization, so it is suggested to keep close contact with the SEM expert in your chosen SEM agency during the entire campaign so as to achieve more results.

New iMedia has 14+ years of experience in providing integrated digital marketing solutions, including SEM service in Hong Kong. As an industry-leading digital marketing agency, we are proud to have received recognition as a Premier Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and GOLD reseller of Yahoo! HK. Our digital marketing experts leverage top platforms and utilize industry-recognized proprietary tools for optimization. We transform data into valuable market insights, and ultimately into actions.


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