Social Media & Content Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is effective for reaching global customers and creating a “viral effect.” It is estimated that the number of users will exceed 4.4 billion in 2025. Since users can easily share products/brands they love through their social networks, it helps brands increase awareness and drive sales.

An effective social media marketing and content strategy can bring significant benefits, from connecting with potential customers to enhancing engagement. This can be achieved by developing quality, creative, and innovative content, coupled with a strategic advertising strategy to attract attention.

Viral Marketing & Drive New Lead:

Create a viral effect to drive new audiences from the customers’ relationship network, expand the customer base, and generate more sales opportunities.

Maintain Customer Loyalty:

Offer a two-way communication channel for interacting with customers and utilize a chatbot to provide 24/7 support, thereby improving customer service.

Enhance Engagement & Interaction:

You can design your ads in various formats to deliver key messages, for example, Stories, Collection Ads, Shopping Ads, etc., to enhance engagement and conversion.

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With 17+ years of digital marketing experience, we have 100+ strategic media alliances,

including social media, search, programmatic and other popular platforms (Check our badge here).

We can help you develop a comprehensive social media and content marketing solution from planning, execution to management.

What’s more? We offer Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and media pitching service, diversified innovative creative from direction to

production, also ad monitoring.

Meta (Facebook)

Meta is the largest online social platform used by 2.9 billion monthly global active users worldwide. In Hong Kong, the numbers are projected to reach 7.2 million by 2025. With the huge and vastly growing number of users, Meta provides extremely valuable sales opportunities.

Meta Products:

As a badged Meta Business Partner and Meta Blueprint Certified Professional Agency, we can help you launch Meta marketing campaigns in Hong Kong, reach wider audiences, and stand out among numerous organic content. Want to target specific users? We can develop holistic ad planning to optimize the Ad performance and adopt multiple targeting options, including interest, behaviors, demographics, lookalike audience, etc. for greater precision.

Meta provides diverse ad formats and features to cater different objectives, such as:

  • Video Ad
  • Image Ad
  • Carousel Ad
  • Collection Ad

Other than Meta Ads, you can also create a Meta shop in a Meta marketing campaign in Hong Kong to showcase your products, reach customers with shopping intent to grab business opportunities and generate sales consequently.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks with 2.3 million users in Hong Kong – covering 35% of the population (aged 13+). Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram immerses its audience visually with curated and interactive visual content, favoring ad formats with precise targeting options and interactive engagement. How about e-commerce? IG Shopping enables you to create organic posts with product tags from the catalog. By amplifying your social presence, customers can discover and conveniently engage with your products.


LinkedIn, is regarded as the most trusted, safest, and relevant professional network. Most of its users are educated, professional, and with a higher income level. With 9 billion content impressions per week, LinkedIn is used by 690 million+ professionals worldwide to stay connected.

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A variety of advertising formats and targeting options are available in LinkedIn, for example, Sponsored Content and Message Ads target specific leads by job titles, seniority, company size, industries, etc. helping you to reach the right targets and generate qualified leads.

If you are a B2B marketer, trust that LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media marketing channels to promote your brand to business owners and decision-makers.

Content Management

Our content management services include strategy consulting, feed content development, competitive analysis and reporting, fans inquiry handling, and contest. We strive for interactive engagement and awareness from potential customers and followers on social media, and ultimately help you grow your brand awareness.

Standard Package
  • 6 or 12 contract only
  • All the following plan incl.
    • Creative strategy & development
    • Copy-writing (Chi. max 300 / Eng max. 400 words)
    • Monthly performance report
  • Special offer: Signed Facebook content management plan for 12 months, free IG feed (using same content & visual with Facebook feed)
Total Feed Per Month
Static Image Feed Per Month
Video Feed Per Month
Basic Monthly Report
Fans Demographic
Page Performance
Post Performance
Top Search & Engagement
Summary & Recommendation

Value-Added Service (VAS)

Convert JPEG to GIF
Convert JPEG to Slideshow (5-10s)
Image Retouching (PSD to JPEG)
Cinemagraph /GIF Creation
Fanpage Set Up: Page Creation + Cover Image + Profile Pic (materials provided by customers)
Feed Copywriting (Chi. max 300 / Eng max. 400 words)
Feed Translation (Chi. max 300 / Eng max. 400 words)
Wall Game Post
By Quotation
Auto-reply Comments Posts (Facebook only; 30 days / time)
Handle Fanpage Enquiry (<100 per month, excl. beauty, F&B industry)
Character Design (2D design with 5 poses)
Advanced Monthly Report (top up analysis such as interaction & impression)
By Quotation
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  • Showcase 2:

Our Social Media Marketing Service

Social media account review and competitor research

Fan page creation and content management with creative direction 

Innovative creative (from graphic, video to interactive game) & copywriting

Ad campaign from planning, scheduling to execution

Regular performance report & professional evaluation 

Value-Added Service (Chatbot & iMedia Platform – integrating with Meta API)


How do I get started with Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a powerful means of attracting potential customers. But where should I get started? Considering that there are several massive platforms in the market. There is no standard answer, but we suggest you start with Meta marketing in Hong Kong.

Meta is the largest online social platform used by 2.9 billion monthly active users globally and over 1.7 billion daily users. In Hong Kong, the numbers are projected to reach 7.2 million by 2025. It’s a great opportunity to engage with your new customers and expand your company’s reach.

Good social media marketing is all about building relationships with your potential customers. Before people make a purchase, they need to feel like they can trust your business, your brand, and your products. Meta is an online platform dedicated to relationships. You can build, share and maintain relationships with your potential customers using different Meta marketing strategies.

More importantly, over 90 million businesses are already on Meta. In other words, businesses are actively pursuing customers across Meta, so it makes sense to start your Meta marketing in Hong Kong. Otherwise, you are handing your potential customers over to your competitors.

However, Meta marketing is easier said than done. Be it maintaining a Meta Fan Page or launching Meta Ads, you need a Meta marketing agency in Hong Kong to help you publish content updates on the page, monitor ads conversion tracking, and extract insights from data. With a Meta marketing agency, you can raise brand awareness and increase sales and revenue effectively.

How to choose a good social media marketing agency?

A good social media marketing agency will help your brand maximize its exposure to and engagement with your target customers, capturing the effect of word-of-mouth and maintaining better customer relationships. All these can be done easier with a one-stop social media marketing service, catering to everything from idea generation to execution. With the fast-changing environment, brands are expected to give quick response on social media. A good service level is vital to generate the desired outcome. You should choose the social media marketing agency that responds to your ideas quickly and values efficient communication.

New iMedia has 14+ years of experience in providing integrated digital marketing solutions, including social media marketing. With our in-house creative, production, and account servicing team, we provide one-stop social media marketing service from idea generation and multi-media production to strategic ad planning & optimization and reporting & analysis. We turn your messages into effective execution and leave customers with a lasting impression which induces sales.

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