Catch the Online Shopping Boom with Google Shopping Ad

A survey in 2017 revealed that about half of Hong Kong consumers said they plan to make more online purchases in the next two years while only 24% of consumers prefer shopping at physical stores1. A website with e-shop becomes an essential tool to catch the growing trend of online shopping. Meanwhile, Google launched Shopping Ad at Hong Kong which allows merchants to maximize the exposure of products and e-shop among competitors by its new ad format.

Google Shopping Ad

Shopping Ad allows merchants to highlight the product features with images, descriptions and prices. The shoppers will develop a brief understanding of the selling product without clicking the ads, finally it leads the shoppers to the e-shop and more likely to make purchases.


  • High Exposure Position: Ads will show at the top of search engine result page, which the shoppers can see the ads instantly right after their search
  • More Traffic: Higher click through rates (CTR) compared to text ads shown in the same location for shopping-related searches2
  • Accelerate Decision-making Process: Increase the lead quality by highlighting product features in the ads to help shoppers make purchase decisions


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Google Shopping Ad