Dive into Social Media Video Marketing From Data

Recently, Facebook shared some useful data and insights through Facebook Marketing Summit Hong Kong 2021. Among different trends, we extracted some highlights related to Social Media Video Marketing to share with you, so as to assist you in planning ahead of the next video idea and ad strategy.

Social Media is one of the Best channels to encourages “Spontaneous Shopping”

According to Facebook and Kantar, “Spontaneous Shopping” is on the rise – 44% of Hong Kong online shoppers make made unplanned consumption because of social media, especially youngsters. Among all age groups, 61% of online shoppers aged 18-34 often buy products discovered on social media. 

Social Media Video Marketing can effectively rising buying intent

In addition to sharing and viewing images and texts on social media, videos are also a popular format – On average, people spend 2 hours watching social media videos per day while 60% of them have watched Instagram videos in the past 7 days. On social media, video is undoubtedly an effective way to reach audiences. Interested in video marketing? Somethings you should know:

  • Behaviour pattern across various age groups are different
    • 58% of online shoppers aged 18-24 are more likely to seek video from Key Opinion Leader(KOL)
    • 65% of online shoppers aged 55-65 rely on video content produced by the official brand of products
  • Top 3 video content that effectively boosts decision
    • Video created by someone online of unboxing, etc.
    • Videos created by the company of the products being worn/used
    • Videos created by KO
  • Trends you should know
    • Live Video Content/Livestreams – 51% of online shoppers frequently watch streaming videos to discover new products and services  
    • Story Ads – 24% of online shoppers discover new products and services  from Story Ads 

Other than the market trends, your video content and marketing strategy should be tailored to the industry and marketing goals. Contact us, we will design the most suitable and comprehensive video strategy based on 14+ years of experience and exclusive data from our partners (incl. Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc), providing you the innovative ideas and one-stop services from creative idea, video production to digital ad. 


Facebook Marketing Summit Hong Kong, 2021