How to Use Videos to Transform Audiences into Customers?

Although the epidemic has begun to abate, the “New Normal” has been developed in the market. Therefore, the consumption pattern and advertising market have rapidly transformed – Video has been one of the major channels for promotion:

💡Statistic has shown that YouTube traffic ⬆26% in April 2020.

However, the pace of life is so rapid nowadays. Audience usually skips the video without a glance if your video lacks “Stopping Power”. How can we draw the attention of the audience and transform them into “customers” and “sales”?

Lengthy and slow-paced story arc is out-of-date. Drawing the audience’s attention within the beginning 5 seconds of the video is the key to attract the audience to continue watching the promotion message.

Here comes the latest short video storytelling strategy and let’s learn how to transform audience into “customers” and sales” within 30 seconds by using the emerging short video story arc to create powerful promotion video!

Video Story Arc

The 5 stages of the Emerging short video story:

1.  Problem Statement– Starting from the “high-place”. Using attractive sound and image to arouse the interest of the audience.

  • The first few seconds of the video is the “golden time” to retain customers, we suggest to “describe the problem” at the beginning to arouse audience’s interest and want, so that they will continue watching the video
  • Take beauty industry as an example. By asking “What should you do when your make up is messed up in the hot summer days?” in the video, we can bring out the needs of audience and urge them to think or seek for a solution

2. Brand recommendation as a “solution” – The second stage of the video is the “climax”, we can start introducing the brand and embed the message of “brand=solution” at this stage.

  • By providing audience solution, we can introduce the brand and recommend products to the audience
  • For example, “Nwi cosmetics*. The latest product – 24 hours waterproof & oil-proof liquid foundation. Your best choice.”

3. Introduce the benefits and features of the product or service – Further elaborate the solution and connect “problems” with “solution”.

  • Introduce the products through facial expression, movement, sound and product demonstration to attract the audience to keep watching the video. At the same time deepen their understanding on the solution and establish its association with the problem
  • For example, playing the demonstration video of the waterproof & oil-proof liquid foundation and briefly introduce it

4. The offer details -Provide advantages to increase purchasing desire of the customers by offering discounts or packages.

  • When the video comes to the end, it is believed that the audience already have a certain understanding of your brand and desire to purchase your product.
  • At this moment, we can display the offer detail together with call-to-action message so as to convert customers’ wants into action.
  • For example, “Limited offer for the top waterproof & oil-proof liquid foundation – up to 70% off. Don’t miss it!”

5. More detailed introduction for products / services -Provide detailed introduction to the audience to increase the purchasing desire of customers and complete conversion.

  • We can transform the audiences into customers by using the wording “learn more” or ”shop now” together with appropriate landing page to direct audience to the website containing product details and sales page.

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