Yahoo Stream Ad (YSA) Package

Yahoo Stream Ad can help you naturally blend your ad message into the content streams viewing by the site visitor across Yahoo Hong Kong and the affiliate sites, your ad will look like an article alongside the editorial.

We are GOLD reseller of Yahoo! HK starting from 2006, we can help you to reach a wide range of yahoo and Bing users worldwide with one-stop services –  from planning, targeting, bidding, optimization to reporting. 

Tell us your need for a custom solution or a subscribe stream ad package with flexible subscription period and fixed price.

Yahoo Stream Ad-PC
More Visitors and Sales Opportunities

The YSA package can stably bring audiences to your website every month at an affordable and fixed price. No VAT and no hidden charge. Services incl.

Guarantee Clicks per Months

Bring you a stable website traffic from Yahoo Network to gain business opportunities and exposure

Ad Planning & Creation

Develop a YSA campaign to reach highly potential customers with suitable placement

Heath Check for Ad Landing Page

Professional advice to avoid ad landing page flaws & improve ad performance

Optimization & Bid Adjustment

Study the click data, control the ad frequently based on where, when and how people search

Monthly Ad Performance Report

Monthly report to show which sites your ads were viewed and clicked on

Choose the Perfect Plan

Select Your Plan

Choose Ad Targeting

Settle Payment via Online

Upload Ad Image & Copy

Your ad can start showing on the Yahoo Display Network within 7 working days after you have provided all requested files.

  • Start-Up
  • Standard
  • Advanced
Total Guarantee Clicks Per Month
Total no. of clicks deliver during the month, may not evenly distributed




No. of Ad Campaign
All campaign share same selected targeting for different creative
No. of Ad Targeting
Please refers to the section "Interest targeting for your ad", but the below section is called “Interest targeting & language for your ad
Bid Adjustment
Our experts will optimize your campaign(s) to achieve the guaranteed results
Health Check for Landing Page
Provide suggestion of ad landing page for your internal review
Monthly Services Report

*New Client Exclusive Offer — Double Clicks: (i) The offer is only applicable to the new customer who makes the first subscription of “Yahoo Stream Ad Package” at https://www.newimedia.com/en/subscription/ysa-package/ and is not applicable to other programs or used in conjunction with other offers (ii) To entitle the offer, customers must settle the payment and submit eligible advertising materials on or before October 31, 2021 (iii ) The free number of clicks will be the same as selected plan, and will be given in the first month after subscription, which cannot be extended or brought to the next subscription month. If settle payment and submit all advertising materials on October 31, your ad will be online within 7 working days (on or before November 9th) and the free clicks will be given away on or before December 9th (iv) The offer period is limited and subject to terms and conditions

Yahoo Stream Ad Policy & Requirements
Required materials for YSA package

Please send the required materials with following size to  subscription@newimedia.com after settled the payment. Each campaign should include 1 set of banner (same creative in 3 sizes), title, description and your company name.




  • 1200×627 px, aspect ratios 1.9:1
  • 627×627 px, aspect ratios 1:1
  • 180×180 px, aspect ratios 1:1


Ad Copies 


  • Title: 50 characters
  • Description: 150 characters
  • Business Name: 35 characters (English or Chinese)


Once we have received your ad materials and RFU, your ad image can only be changed on the next subscription month – each month can change ONCE only.

Interest targeting & language for your ad

Your ad can target on below target with selected audiences’ language – Chinese:


  • Art and Book Fans
  • Auto Enthusiasts
  • Beauty and Fashion Mavens
  • Business and Professionals
  • Digital and Consumer Electronics Lovers
  • Engaged Shoppers & Coupon Lovers
  • Entertainment & Culture Enthusiasts
  • Finance & Investment
  • Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts
  • Food & Beverage, and Travel Lovers
  • Game Enthusiasts
  • Lifestyle & Home Improvement Enthusiasts
  • Luxury Shoppers
  • Maternal and Baby/Child Lovers
  • Sport & Outdoor Enthusiasts
I am your existing client, can I subscribe to the package while continuing the existing campaign?

Yes you can, but please kind reminded that we will create an new ad account, thus the conversion tracking on your website is not connected.

What will happen if I submitted the wrong file/wrong spec?

Please make sure your ad materials are correct & following the Yahoo Ad requirement before upload/send to us. Once the ad has been published on Yahoo Ad Network, we will not make any changes to the image, copies, targeting & landing URL till next month.


If there are any problems with your subscription, include but not limited to images & copies restricted/disapproved by Yahoo, you will be notice by our specialists with platform reason within 3 working days to solve the problem. Your remaining clicks & reach will delivery in the month / accumulated to next month.

What should I do if I want to change the creatives/ad copies?

Your creatives and copies can be changed in the next subscription month, please provide the updated materials with your order ID and subscription ID showing on the invoice, and email to subscription@newimedia.com.


If you would like to change the creatives earlier in subscription month, there are HKD200 services charge for each package.

Payment Methods

We accept online payment for the package subscription, including credit card, PayPal and Fast-Payment System (FPS).

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