iMedia Insider – Exclusive! Golden Strategy for Summer Search Ads

As specified by Admango1 , the ad spending in last year’s summer period (from May to August) accounts for 35.4% of the year while June was the highest. How to reach your target customers effectively and stand out from your competitors? Precise targeting is the key. To give you more insight, we have retrieved the data of 2018 summer period from our self-built Keyword Knowledge Base to find out the best online advertising timing of the three hottest industries: Beauty, Education and Travel, helping you to prepare an effective and accurate summer ad plan in advance.

Summer SEM industry

According to our iMedia Insider Keyword Knowledge Base, impression and CTR of these three industries during summer period was increased by 20% and 24% respectively. Beauty industry has the highest searching rate in May. We estimate it may due to consumers are more likely to search for information about fitness, hair removing before summer came. For click-through-rate (CTR), the highest number is recorded in June. Therefore, Beauty-related advertisers can allocate more of their advertising budget between May and June.

Education-related keywords have been exposed for over 100 million times in 2018 summer time while the highest CTR was fallen into July. We found keywords can be simply divided into 2 categories- Pursuing Studies and Summer Courses. We estimate it was because students are having stronger need for education information after the result release day of public examination in July.

For Travel industry, Think with Google2 has stated that compared to advance planning, travellers are more favourable to search for information on the day they travel. This shows the same with our data – July, the peak season of travel attracted the highest CTR. Thus, we recommend advertisers from education industry and travel industry may allocate more ad budget in July.

Besides, a comprehensive yet accurate keyword combination is also important in enhancing ad efficiency. Below are the hot search keywords of the three industries:

Summer SEM keyword

Using big data analysis can help you spend your ad budget effectively, even with the same advertising budget, you can take your ad performance to the next level. Want to have a precise ad planning? Let our Keyword Knowledge Base be your strong backup. Contact our professionals now!


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2Think with Google, 2017