The “Supreme Brand Award” & “Outstanding Brand Award”

It is the 10th consecutive year for New iMedia to be awarded the “Outstanding Brand Award” and “Supreme Brand Award” from Economic Digest. The incredible achievement is fully credited to the support and trust of the customers and the team’s excellent efforts.

To commend the hard work of corporates on brand development, Economic Digest holds the “Outstanding Brand Award” to encourage business to keep improving brand competitiveness and exploring new market; and “Supreme Brand Award” is delivered to corporates which have been awarded the “Outstanding Brand Award” for more than 5 years or 3 consecutive years. We are honored to receive both “Outstanding Brand Award – the Online Promotion Service Provider” and the “Supreme Brand Award” again. These 2 awards have fully recognized our professional service quality, outstanding brand image and the excellent effort of our team!

Facing to the COVID-19 and global uncertainties, different challenges are predicted to emerge continually in the future. As your trusted digital marketing partner, we will keep progressing and doing our best so as to face every obstacle with you hand in hand.

Besides, with our self-build exclusive Smart Ad Management System, Keyword Knowledge Base* and 24/7 Ad Performance & Report Platform “iMedia Platform”, we will help our clients to achieve digital transformation with precise use of limited budget. Let’s evolve in our growth journey together!

“Outstanding Brand Award” and “Supreme Brand Award” 2020

*Keyword Knowledge Base – 100% exclusive database with 200K+ keywords & 50B+ exposures from 40+ industries in the past 6 years, providing insights for precise and strategic search engine marketing ad planning.