Maximizing cost efficiency and achieve high precision for better campaign performances is always a top priority for marketers. In fact, with rapid advancements in technology and even artificial intelligence (AI), precision is more attainable than ever, shaping new ways to develop and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

New iMedia is always striving to help customers achieve campaign goals by incorporating with various technology partners and developed multiple in-house ad tools to utilize big data and create data-driven solutions to achieve that vaunted “real precise”. 

In-house Tools & Technologies

Our unique self-built ad management system – iMatrix leverages automation and explicit data analysis on its exclusive knowledge:

  • Keyword Knowledge Base – Aggregated massive amounts of data from 40+ industries for 7+ years, includes:
    • 200K+ keywords
    • 5 billion impressions generated
  • iMedia Insider: Retrieve data to provide exclusive insights and the latest trends for detailed improvements such as keyword suggestions and best advertising periods, helping clients maximize campaign effectiveness and cost-efficiency
  • iMedia Platform: 24/7 campaign performance & insight platform that directly integrating with Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook & YouTube API for campaign mentoring to ensure data transparency
  • In-House Ad Tools: 6+ in-house tools such as hourly alert systems and in-house negative keyword automation for minimized wastage. An exclusive placement exclusion list with 1,900+ placements of concern is also established, aimed at maintaining brand safety, while spending a budget wisely and ensuring we are launching ad on placements with a likely return, attaining cost-efficiency as a result

Technology Partners

  • Google Data Studio: Connect up to 500+ ad platforms, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube for detailed report in single platform
  • Admango: Online platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital finger printing and profiling to track competitors’ campaign from online to offline
  • Reporting Ninja: Easy-to-use tool for building an custom professional report
  • Fanpage Karma: To monitor and analysis your fanpage page performance and further compare with competitors for optimization
  • Ahrefs: All-in one online SEO tools for brand and competitor analysis