Big Data – The Key to Understanding Your Customers Better

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Big Data – The Key to Understanding Your Customers Better

Evolution of digital marketing

As a digital marketing agency with 10 years’ experience, we have witnessed the increasing adoption of digital marketing among advertisers in Hong Kong. Annual Internet advertising spending in Hong Kong grew from HK$1.5 billion in 2011 to HK$5.9 billion in 2016, a 293% growth in five years. Our interaction with customers also evolved over the years from our previously educating and persuading advertisers to place Internet ads, to currently advertisers proactively asking us what’s new on the Internet whilst we keep on sending the latest trends to customers, to help them keep in pace with the market.

The pull strategy in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) contributes 56% (HK$3.3b) to total Internet spending in 2016. Complemented with push advertising like display ad, social media ad and soft selling approach from social media content and KOL, all these demonstrate a holistic digital marketing landscape.

Targeting and Goal Setting

In the early days of digital advertising, advertisers used to review the ad campaign performance based on the number of clicks and impressions. Nowadays, big data is crucial for advertisers to focus and effectively spend advertising dollars on the right target customers, thus achieving better value for money in their advertising spending. In response to market needs, we, equipped with the latest technology and knowledge, utilize tracking and web analytics tools to enhance advertisers’ digital ads and help them reach the target customers by devices, by geographics, by behavior targeting, by demographics, by search terms, by specific dates and time… As a local agency, we have built a knowledge base with data related to keywords in the web, such historical data which is gathered daily throughout the year and from different industries will be transformed into valuable market insights for advertisers.

With so much data “bombarding” the advertisers, it is important for them to set up marketing goals for their campaign before determining the type of digital marketing channels to be adopted. These goals can be leads generation, online sales, website visit, phone calls, apps downloads, brand awareness and returning customers etc.  With clear goal setting, the planning and execution of advertising campaigns can be better measured, reviewed and optimized.

There are no limits to being new for digital media which is ever-evolving. New iMedia strives to be the trusted digital marketing partner of our customers with a view to building and sustaining mutually beneficial collaborations. Through conceptualizing and executing differentiated one-stop digital marketing solutions for our customers, riding on our experience, creativity and technological expertise, we work side-by-side with our customers to achieve their business goals while living our core values.