[Google Search Ads Health Check Service] Tips for Improving Google Search Ads Performance

If you run your Google search ads yourself without hiring an agency to help you with, you probably have wondered what can be done to improve your ad performance.

Below are some useful ways to optimize your Google search ads, improving click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate:


Manage the Keywords

  • Keywords with different service category should be separated into different campaigns according to their category
  • Therefore, you can easily analyze the performance across keyword groups and adjust the budget accordingly
  • For example, campaign A only contains keywords related to service A     
Ad Text

Customize the Ad Text

  • Customize the ad text to increase the ad relevance with your keywords and website thus the CTR      
  • For example, add your keywords, offer and call-to-action wordings in the ad text (e.g. free trial, register now)    
  • Make headlines & description more unique (e.g. mention “Yoga Class” instead of “Fitness Centre” in “ Yoga” campaign)

Include Extensions in Your Ads

Include extensions such as sitelink, location and call extensions. They enrich your ad content with increase in visibility and number of clicks.

  • Sitelink Extensions   –  suggest adding description to the sitelink extensions to enhance the ad content
  • Location Extensions  –  easier for people to find your business with your address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business showed on your ads
  • Call Extensions  –  after adding your call extensions, people can tap or click a button to call your business directly
Budget 1

Increase the Budget

  • Insufficient budget will limit your ad exposure
  • Raise your budget to increase your market share for capturing the potential conversions

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