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Return On Investment

Bosses or marketers can consider Return On Investment (ROI) to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities. One of the greatest advantages of online advertising is providing data support to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities. By calculating ROI, promotional budget can be planned easily.

ROI measures the ratio of a company’s profits on the amount of money invested. Generally speaking, result of ROI can be represented in percentage (%). The higher the ROI percentage, the higher the return on investment.

 Case Study:
  • An online travel agency places $20,000 monthly advertising budget (Cost of Investment) on Yahoo search marketing.

  • The number of monthly clicks received is 8,000 according to the monthly search marketing report.

  • Assuming 10% of the 8,000 clicks becomes potential customers, of which 6% commits to business transactions, as such there will be 48 transactions each month.

  • If the average business revenue per transaction is $4,000, the total revenue is $192,000.

  • If the net profit is 40% of the revenue, the total net profit will be $76,800.

  • Monthly Advertising Spending (Cost of Investment) $20,000
    Monthly Clicks Received 8,000
    Percentage of Clicks that Become Potential Customers 10%
    Percentage of Potential Customers who Make Business Transactions 6%
    Average Business Revenue per Transaction $4,000
    Net Profit as a Percentage of Revenue 40%
Believe it or not

The biggest news here is the planned opening this summer of Ripley’s Aquarium, a $130 million project that is Toronto’s first big new tourist attraction in two decades.

It will be home to 15,000 fish and other creatures. It also promises a louboutin replica moving walkway that passes through a tunnel below a 750,000 gallon shark lagoon.

Ah, a little aquatic joke! The aquarium is supposed to start stocking fish tanks in June and open this summer, according to Ripley’s spokeswoman Erin Burcham.

But fish are not the only tourism story here. In furry mammal news, the Toronto Zoo has just welcomed two giant pandas from China, which arrived by Federal Express in March. With an exhibit opening May 18, the zoo will showcase Er Shun and Da Mao for at least five years.

The third thing tourists should know about Toronto this summer is that there will be a lot of construction in this booming city. Spindly cranes reach for the clouds as new glass skyscrapers rise. The biggest disruptions are on Front St., which is partly closed, and at Union Station all part of a giant five year renovation to modernize. and this ever growing city of 2.7 million people red bottoms spreads out like a colorful quilt.

Most American visitors get the hang of riding the Toronto TTC subway with its U shaped route. Many still shy away from the bright red streetcars, which require one to run into the street and jump onto a car packed elbow to elbow.

That is too bad, because the streetcars generally run east and west to supplement the subway, which primarily goes north and south. And the same $3 token works for both. Just elbow your way on. red bottom heels When you want to get off, pull the yellow cord.

This summer also will be lively at two of Toronto’s most endearing spots, St. Lawrence Market and Kensington Market, two places that tourists often mix up.

St. Lawrence Market is literally a market. One giant hall has dozens of vendors and farmers selling fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, pastries everything from halibut heads to tulips. There is a Saturday farmers market, a Sunday antiques market and more activities that spill out onto the streets. The market is on Front St. at Jarvis, a few blocks east of Union Station.

Kensington Market is a groovy neighborhood near Chinatown, northwest of Spadina and Dundas. (Both streets have streetcars, so take a chance and ride one to the market.) During the summer, some days the area becomes a pedestrian only zone.

One of the coolest little corners is where Kensington meets Baldwin, home of the Good Luck Shop replica christian louboutin (“the name brings good luck to the customers,” says the manager of the shop that sells games, socks, clocks, wigs and assorted low budget merchandise). Across the street is Global Cheese, from which the ripe smell of Stilton drifts into the street.

On the blocks nearby are wares for sale, including frilly petticoats, macrame hammocks, artisan bread, curried christian louboutin replica goat, chocolate truffles and buckets of parasols; in other words, all the necessities of life in modern Toronto.

Getting around: Use public transit, unless you are physically challenged (subways have a lot of stairs and walking).

Lodging: Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, with major metropolitan city prices to match. Lodging is generally $180 to $350 a night. Make sure any hotel rate quote includes taxes and fees.

Dining: Toronto’s varied dining scene means you can try high end restaurants every night or choose tiny ethnic restaurants (my preference). Lots of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, hole in the wall spots save your budget without sacrificing flavor. dollars are of equal value, so don’t expect a discount. Beware of international roaming charges on your cellphone; contact your carrier to confirm service and rates.

Crossing the border: Visitors ages 16 and older must show a passport, enhanced driver’s license or Nexus card at the border. Bring birth certificates for younger children.

Ripley’s Aquarium: Set to red bottom pumps open sometime this summer at 288 Bremner Blvd., next to the CN Tower. red bottom shoes Admission not yet replica louboutin set but other Ripley’s Aquariums are $24.99, $12.99 for children ages 3 11.

Christian Louboutin Retrospective: You can see this exhibit on the history of the elite shoes and their designer at Design Exchange, June 21 Sept. 15; $10, $8 for students and free for ages 6 and under.

“Game On 2.0″: Check out an exhibit on the history of video games at the Ontario Science Centre. Now through Sept. 2; $22, $13 for ages 4 12 and free for ages 3 and under.

CN Tower EdgeWalk: Season Three is now open for those who want to walk on red bottom boots the outside ledge of the tower.

Legoland Discovery Centre: This just opened near Canada’s Wonderland. It’s an indoor playland, with rides, Lego building areas and replicas of the Toronto skyline built of Legos; $22, $18 for ages 3 13, free for ages 2 and younger.Articles Connexes:
of the big O during your workout. For many people, the length of time it takes to reach orgasm varies and depends on a number of different factors, including arousal, stress levels, tiredness, and relationship dynamics. However, researchers have established that, for men, "from penetration to ejaculation, the average time is seven minutes," says Niederberger. While he certainly has a point (male ejaculation, which accompanies orgasm, helps improve the chances of the sperm making their way toward the woman’s egg), Indiana red bottom heels University professor Elizabeth Lloyd has been studying the purpose christian louboutin replica of female climax for some time. Here’s what she found: The female orgasm promotes "pair bonding," which means a couple is more likely to pursue parenting; it’s a part of mate selection (a woman chooses her partner based on his ability to make her louboutin replica climax); and there is some belief that contractions during the red bottom pumps female orgasm help draw sperm into the red bottoms uterus. So go ahead have an orgasm tonight, for science’s sake
poison. DESIGNER: Rising star Jonathan Tinkle launched his debut fashion line, Jonathan Blake, at age 21 in 2012. His latest fall/winter collection shows how much he’s matured in just a year, moving from girly dresses to more elegant jackets, pants, dresses and gowns replica louboutin (at right) with details from ruffles to cut out textures ($650 to $2,500, couture $3,500 $9,500). At trunk shows and 4544 Post Oak Place, Ste. BARBECUE: Killen’s Steakhouse has long offered some of the state’s best hunks of charred beef and soon the Killen’s name will be stamped on what barbecue aficionados are predicting will be among the replica christian louboutin best smoked meat in Texas. Until Killen’s Barbecue opens in Pearland later this summer, red bottom boots however, chef Ronnie Killen is slicing up USDA Prime brisket, spicy sausage, mammoth beef ribs, glistening pork ribs and more from a barbecue stand on the lawn of red bottom shoes the anticipated restaurant. until barbecue runs out, 3613 E. Broadway, Pearland. BOYS OF SUMMER: As the bumper sticker boasts, "Soccer players do it for 90 minutes
Articles Connexes:
Monthly Advertising Spending (Cost of Investment)
Monthly Clicks Received
Percentage of Clicks that Become Potential Customers
  • %
Percentage of potential Customers Who Make Business Transactions
  • %
Average Business Revenue per Transaction
Net Profit as a Percentage of Revenue
  • %
    • ROI =
    • %
  • Calculation result is for reference only, companies may have their interpretations of ROI.
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