Universal Analytics will be Replaced by Google Analytics 4

As announced by Google earlier, Universal Analytics (UA) will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4) starting from July 1st, 2023. Users will not be able to collect any new data through UA, and the data regarding website traffic, user behavior, and online conversations will also be affected. The integrity of existing data and user data access permissions will be prohibited if the transition to GA4 is not made promptly. Therefore, it is essential to migrate to GA4 by July 1st, 2023 to avoid data loss!

Differences between UA and GA4


1. Privacy

For privacy, UA has always utilized cookies. In order to provide consumers with a better online experience, websites that users visit create files called cookies that include pertinent information such as login status, preferences, and relevant content.

On the other hand, GA4 is more advanced in terms of privacy caused by its durable tracking built for privacy. This can strictly protect users’ personal data from being used or shared. As a result, GA4 obtains a higher level of data privacy protection than UA.


2. Modeling

In terms of modeling, UA relies on observable data only, which refers to any variable that can be immediately observed and measured. For instance, it frequently originates from one or more of the current IT systems for an enterprise.

In contrast, GA4’s modeling is based on conversion and behavioral modeling. Its behavioral modeling can verify your accuracy and share any modifications, maintain rigorous reporting, and customize for your own business.


3. Devices

UA is only available for websites, while GA4 is more convenient in usage than UA. It can be used for both websites and apps.


4. Attribution

One of UA’s attributions is last-click attribution. It refers to the last touchpoint a consumer interacted with before completing a purchase and receives credit for the transaction or conversion.

GA4 adopts data-driven attribution. Conversions are credited according to how individuals interact with your various advertisements and opt to become your customers or not. It makes use of data from your account to identify the keywords, advertising, and campaigns that have the most impact on your company’s objectives.

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