Search Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day 2018

In the past two years, Valentine’s Day-related searches grew 37% in Hong Kong. This shows that Hong Kong consumers value Valentine’s Day more and more. Please see the following tips to capture the business opportunities by search marketing:

1. Last year, nearly 70% of all Valentine’s Day-related searches were conducted on mobile devices – We recommend advertisers to build a mobile-friendly site to ensure the high page speed to offer seamless online experience

2. Most Valentine’s Day-related searches peak on February 13th – We recommend advertisers to allocate budgets on mobile device and key dates (13 Feb, the peak day of searches) to maximize the brand exposure

3. Last year, recipes and DIY projects accounted for nearly one third of all Valentine’s Day content views on YouTube. Also, in the past two years, searches for DIY and handmade gift ideas have grown by 35% – We recommend advertisers to produce instructional video content to build brand image