Yahoo! HK: Stream Ad – Weather Targeting

Have you ever imagined that you Ads can be adjusted for different weather condition? In order to boosts ads precisely, Yahoo! HK recently launched an exclusive Stream Ad function named “Weather Targeting”. Through this new function, we can push different kind of ads for specific weather conditions so as to make it a more effective and creative campaign.

For example, you can set “Temperature” as your targeting:

  • Deliver Ads for Cooling products when temperature is above 30 degree
  • Deliver Ads for Warming products when temperature is under 15 degree

Thus, your ad can be more creative and flexibly cater audience’s need by adapting “Weather Targeting” for precise marketing!

This new feature is temporarily exclusive for Hong Kong market. To learn more about “Weather Targeting” and see how it works, let’s contact our professional teams.

(Source: Yahoo! HK)