Three Things to Consider BEFORE Create a Website

Under the “new normal”, many companies are trying to discover new business opportunities from digital platforms. Whether you want to enter the online market or increase brand awareness through digital ads, an appealing website that showcase your brand identity can definitely help you to stand out – 95%¹ Audiences’ first impression of your business are from your website.

If you want to show your brand characteristics with a professional and eye-catching customized website, you should consider the followings before selecting a website builder:

1. Is it a Open Source tool?

When the website builder is a closed source, not only the freedom of development is relatively low, ad and website performance tracking tools are most likely to be restricted, resulting in a level of difficulty in conducting comprehensive monitoring and analysis

2. Is it required to be handled by specialists with programming knowledge?

Maintenance and content update after website establishment is a long-term task, it may occupy many resources and time if specialists were required

3. Any design templates and plugins support?

Other than a long development time, building a website from scratch may occur many bugs. Design templates and plugins definitely can help to enhance the efficiency!

To help customers flexibly update the content and layout, our one-stop website/e-shop production services uses WordPress for comprehensive construction, allowing customers to maintain the website easily, so as to spend more time on business development.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System(CMS) in the market with 63%+ market share worldwide².

2 Types of WordPress:

  • WordPress.com -Operate as a blog
  • WordPress.org -Open Source, users have 100% website ownership

Advantage of WordPress:

  1. Open Source & Highly Flexible
    • Users with 100% ownership for a fully customizable layout. Support website and ad performance tracking tools, such as Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA) to measure ad performance for further optimization

  2. Visual Edit (WYSIWYG) 
    • Require almost no technical knowledge. Easy to use interface allows you to update and publish content with drag & drop function, website design and maintenance become easier and quicker!

  3. Rich in Resources
    • Largest collection of official/community created free & charged plugins and themes, including e-commerce support and Chatbot function

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