Celebrating Our Teammates: Yahoo Reseller Performance Awards 2021

Team success matters to our business success. As an experienced digital agency, we continuously train up our talents assisting by industry-leader like Google, Meta (also known as Facebook), Yahoo and etc, so as to provide trustworthy services with industry expertise. 

Today, we are glad to announce that 8 of our teammates have been honored with the Yahoo Reseller Performance Awards 2021, which recognize salesperson’s efforts and motivate them to keep up an outstanding performance. 

Highest Performance Award

• Outstanding - Kennus Yung, Tammie Tam
• Merit - Christy Wong, Gordon Cheung, Johnson Kwok, Sugar Chan

Highest Contributor Award

• Outstanding - Cat Law
• Merit - Ben Ma

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and thanks for their efforts. Our society is recovering from COVID-19, it’s time to step up and ignite our engine once again to get ready for shopping season in the second-half year. Contact us to kick off your campaigns with digital experts.