Newly launched: Yahoo Dynamic Product Ad

How to retarget those who had viewed specific products in your website? In addition to Google “Dynamic Remarketing Ad”, Yahoo! “Dynamic Product Ad” would be another good choice. Whenever a target customer visited your website, or added specific products in shopping cart without purchase, “Dynamic Product Ad” can actively retarget those customers and display the related products to them in form of Stream Ad so as to trigger their desire to purchase and return to the website.

3 Key benefits of Dynamic Product Ad:

  • High relevance: The ad content, e.g. image and text, can be dynamically created according to customer’s interest or the product they viewed. The high relevant content can trigger target customer’s interests in the product.
  • Dynamic: The ads will be automatically created by using related content in product page and will perfectly fit for the Ad position. It absolutely saves your time to create numerous ad versions.
  • High efficiency: “Dynamic Product Ad” covers all Yahoo channels and its massive ad network, which can help you effectively reach your target

With both Yahoo! “Dynamic Product Ad” and Google “Dynamic Remarketing Ad”, your ads can appear in the massive ad networks of two giant search platforms. The overwhelming ad campaigns can help you to be the first to reach your target customers, hence, sales and brand awareness can be enhanced.